Sir. M Visvesvaraya Museum Bangalore (Bengaluru)

Sir. M Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum also called as Visvesvaraya Museum and is located in Kasturba road, 30 minutes away from market Bangalore, Karnataka, India. This was opened by the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in 1962.  It’s available open in all 7 days (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). Visiting Hours is 10 am – 6pm. Overall It’s a wonderful place to go in Bangalore.

Visvesvaraya Museum Bangalore

Sir M Visvesvaraya Museum Bangalore

Sir M Visvesvaraya Museum Bangalore

The museum is so beautiful and informative. It is so mesmerizing and everything about science and life. I and my friends had been here in 2014 and we all pretty much liked it and there is also art museum next to it. It is very unique and simple that any common man can understand the concept of it. They also sell books and stuffs related to science. It would me more fun for kids to see.

It has nine exhibitions halls: Engine Hall, How Things Work, Fun Science Hall, Electro Technic hall, Space Gallery, Biotechnological Revolution Hall, BEL Hall of electronics, Science for Children, and a Dinosaur Enclave.

Visvesvaraya Museum, Bangalore

Visvesvaraya Museum, Bangalore

The ticket price is Rs 50 above age of 5 years. Once you get in, there are shows (which you have to pay for separate) and the timings are listed. It is a good place to visit with family especially if you are interested in science and technology. It’s an area where science is shown in a fun way. Kids are going to have a good time. There are different floors allocated for different categories of science. It also has 3D shows at regular intervals. A new gallery ‘Science for Kids’ is opened on 19th April 2019, which will be treating for kids. Most of the floors are air-conditioned. It also showcases miniature rockets and explains them. You have another building dedicated just to history. There you can find historic artifacts and paintings. There is another building which showcases only art. Overall it is a really good place to learn.

Advice for Visvesvaraya Museum Visitors

Sir. M Visvesvaraya Museum, Bangalore

Sir. M Visvesvaraya Museum, Bangalore

It’s a wonderful place to visit, especially for kids who is interested in science and learning. It would take around 3 hours to explore all the floors. It’s better to read before trying out devices kept for display. This will help to get better understanding. Only problem is the food service available in top floor, it is not up to the level for eating food and there was no clean washing area as well.

Visvesvaraya Museum Bangalore Address

Address: P. B. No. 5216, Kasturba Road, Beside Karnataka State Government Museum, Bangalore (Bengaluru), Karnataka 560001


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