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Search Engine Statistics:

Google is the most popular search engine
Over 500 million searches are completed daily

  • 85% of online traffic only views the first page on search engines
  • 85% of traffic finds accurate information which is useful to them.
  • 81% of online users find new websites from using search engines.
  • 73% of online transactions start with the use of search engines
  • 45% of searches are done by using multiple keyword searches.
  • 23% of users only use one particular keyword in search engines.
A successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign measures:
  • 1. Search Traffic
  • 2. Rankings
  • 3. Conversions
SEO is used to promote your website in the
following ways:
  • SEO helps create brand identity
  • SEO creates better search engine positioning
  • SEO helps you gain competitive advantage
  • SEO results in fast measurable ROI
  • SEO boosts product sales and online visibility
  • SEO brings in free targeted traffic with the lowest client acquisition costs
  • SEO enables you to compete effectively against larger competitors
  • SEO provides continuous online visibility
  • SEO is the least expensive marketing tool even on the Internet
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