Self-Care for Supermoms

More than anyone else, moms go through a great deal of stress on the daily. A lot of them are still expected to cook and clean up after a hard day at work or a whole day of looking after the kids, after all.

For sure, everyone agrees that mothers deserve more than just mud masks and massages. “Super” responsibilities should come with “super” wellness sessions.

If you don’t know where to start with such sessions, we can help. Below are some ways moms can take care of themselves as a reward for taking care of everyone else in the household.

  1. Have brunch with friends

Have brunch with friends
Have brunch with friends

Catching up with long-term friends helps alleviate stress, Mayo Clinic suggests. Having someone to share your problems with instantly lifts some of the burdens on your shoulders.

You might believe your family members can already help you with that. However, reaching out and getting unbiased outsider opinions or tips on home life problems will prove to be more rewarding in most cases.

Simply squeezing in a quick brunch for your Sunday schedule and leaving the kids to the hubby will also give you something to look forward to every week. Even moms need a weekend respite!

  1. Visit a dermatologist

Visit a dermatologist
Visit a dermatologist

When you’re unable to care for yourself properly, your skin also suffers. And while you may already be using skincare products, they are often hit-or-miss. You don’t know for sure if they are truly doing something to your skin or you’re just wasting your money on expensive, overhyped products.

This is why Dermatologist Singapore recommends visiting a trusted dermatology expert to address your skin concerns.

Proper skin experts can give you personalised aesthetic treatments that will benefit your skin. By going to them, you are essentially saving yourself a huge amount of money while pampering yourself properly.

  1. Check your bone health

Check your bone health
Check your bone health

The work that moms do inside the house requires a lot of physical strength. This is especially true if you have babies or toddlers to take care of or a big family to do the laundry and housework for.

If back massages at your favorite spa aren’t doing it anymore, it’s time to check for underlying bone health problems. Keep in mind that moms are at particular risk for bone issues like osteoporosis, note the pros at Orthopaedic Clinic Singapore.

That’s because pregnancy can literally leach calcium from mothers’ bones if they don’t get sufficient calcium in their diets. This has led to many moms getting thinner bones post-pregnancy.

As such, it’s especially important for you to see to this aspect of your health. Getting physiotherapy from a licensed, expert bone doctor can bring your bone and joint health back to optimal levels.

  1. Go to a gynecologist

Go to a gynecologist
Go to a gynecologist

A visit to the gynecologist should not scare women. In fact, you should think about it as an effective means to prevent diseases, such as ovarian cancer.

A yearly appointment with your gynecologist will help you scan for ovarian cysts and more diseases and prevent them from spreading or turning into more severe issues.

The experts at Gynaecologist Singapore also advocate reaching out to your gynecologist for any reproductive health-related question. A lot of women are too ashamed to ask people about this topic, but a gynecologist should take some of the shame away: it’s their area of expertise, after all!

In fact, shame is the last thing most moms should feel when it comes to caring for themselves. The steps listed above are only some ways to improve their mental and physical condition, but there are many more things moms can do to optimise their health. Why not share your favourites with us below?

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