Search Engine Traffic, SEO and Keyword Choice

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN have complex algorithms that decide what pages will come up in search results for a given keywords phrase. We can construct content pages with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind in order to rank high in searches, leading to higher levels of SE (Search Engine) traffic. 
Of course several variables are involved in SEO, but let’s talk about what’s important to cover.
Keyword Basics:
Yourwebsite is most likely about a particular topic (e.g. home, about us, services etc.) and so the first thing to do is determine which keywords best describe the content on your page. Try to think of phrases that are specific.
It’s important that Google’s crawler realizes that your website is about the keywords you have chosen. Google does a pretty good job of determining the topic of your site but there a few things you can do assist Google’s crawler to make sure it gets things right.
Let’s say I have a website called “”. My keyword list would be short, only having one keyword: isak
My website has 4 pages:
  1. isak
  2. isak home
  3. isak about us
  4. isak services
·         Once you have a list of keywords you need to do a little research to find out who you are competing with for each keyword.
·         For the keyword isak home I would do a search on Google and record how many pages are competing. This tells me how many pages have my keyword phrase with the words in any order.
·         Then I would do a phrase match search by searching on Google for “isak home”. This tells me how many pages have the exact phrase.
·         Then I would do a title search by searching on Google for allintitle:isak home. This tells me how many pages have my keyword phrase in their title.
·         Then I would do a url search by searching on Google for allinurl:isak home. This tells me how many pages have my keyword phrase in their url.
Note: To learn more about allintitle, allinurl, and other useful operators:
I would do the same thing for the keyword phrases: poodle puppies and poodle breeders.
My table would look something like this:
Basic Search      
Phrase Search
Title Search
      URL Search
isak home
isak about us
Isak services
Looking at the table above it’s clear that there is little competition for isak home and a lot more competition for isak about us.
Optimizing your Page:
Once you have your list of keywords and know a little about your competition it’s time to optimize.
Put your main keywords that describe your site in the title tag on every page.
·         Home
<title>isak | isak Home</title>
·         isak Home
<title>isak | isak about us</title>
·         isak about us
<title>Poodles | Poodle Puppies</title>
·         Poodle Breeders
<title>isak | isak services</title>
You want your most important keywords to appear in the title with as few other characters as possible.
Do not put your keyword in the title more than 2 or 3 times. Google sees this as keyword spamming and will rank your site lower.
On each page put your main keywords in an h1 tag.
On my isak home page you would see:
<h1>isak home</h1>
Please note I would not target the keyword dog on my isak home page because there are 420 million pages related to the word dog and the vast majority of people searching for dog are not looking for isak home.
There are 15,000 pages competing for poodle manicures and only 8 pages competing for “isak about us”.
H1 tags are reserved for top level headlines on a page. You should only use 1 or 2 top level headlines (h1 tags) on your page.
Further discussion on h1 tags:
It’s also a good idea to use h2 and h3 tags where appropriate.
Adding an alt attribute to your image tag can help as well as having your keywords be in the file name. On my isak home page I would have:
<img src=”isak-home.jpg” alt=”isak home” />

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