Remember Points When Adding an Image to Post

Adding an images in your website or blog is a great way to show the basic overview of the article on the post. Before you start posting an images into the website or server, must remember points when adding an image to post.This method will make your website speed and Google friendly. After looking into an image reader will be able to understand about the article is related to. Hence in each post an image or Video is must be added.

Remember Points When Adding an Image to Post:

  • Choose the relevant images that matches your post
  • Choose the right file name for your image
  • Make sure an image dimension matches to the image size as displayed
  • Reduce file size for faster loading
  • Add caption to your images for easier scanning of the page
  • Add an image alt text and title text – image optimization
  • Add OpenGraph and Twitter Card tags for social sharing
  • Try to use text code like CSS, instead of images
  • Use images in your XML sitemaps
  • Use of expires headers for your images tag can help speed up the web page.

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