Qualities of a Luxury Designer Shirt

Menswear continues to evolve as fashion trends and styles become better known or fade over time. One thing that remains constant, however, is the popularity of menswear and the essentials for setting a personal style and professional image.

The right shirt is becoming a very important part of menswear. When purchasing a shirt, especially from a Designer Shirt Sale or somewhere that specializes in designer clothing, you want and expect the highest quality.

But what makes a great designer shirt? Check out a few indicators of what makes a quality designer shirt.

Fabrics – Be careful when it comes to fabrics. In many cases, companies will tell you a shirt is made from 100 percent of a sophisticated material like cashmere when it may be a blend and only have a small amount of cashmere fiber. It’s important to get an understanding of the fabric content of your clothes for both your own preference and for knowledge on how to keep your clothes clean, as certain fabrics require a specific way to be washed.

Stitching – There are little ways you can test the quality and strength of the seams in your shirt. The seams should be flat and even and there should be no loose threads along the seams. You should also avoid uneven seams. This is one of the easiest identifiers of a poorly made shirt. Many of the shirts sold at Luxury Menswear are hand stitched, thus ensuring their quality. Hand stitching is softer and tighter than machine stitching, making the shirt more durable and comfortable to wear for ease and freedom of movement. Designer shirts from Kiton, Attolini, and Isaia each have hand stitched button holes, shoulders and collars and are tailor-made for the perfect fit.

Patterns – When you choose to purchase quality, you will get quality. Shirts with distinct patterns like stripes can sometimes look just a little off or uneven and while it’s subtle and may seem like a mind game, it probably really is a little uneven. The best designer shirts include patterns where everything matches up and looks great.

It’s all in the Details – When it comes to designer clothes, it’s all in the details. And you really can’t overlook any of the details, even if they seem to look good. What are the details? Little things on clothing like any zippers or buttons are just a part of the details. Buttons, especially, are an important thing to review. Make sure that buttonholes are even and contain no loose seams. The button placement on the shirt should also be even and well constructed.

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