Must Include Things In Your Conclusion Chapter

It is sometimes difficult to find words for the conclusion section of the dissertation. Researcher might have included and written in to the research; but he sometimes isn’t able to conclude things. One interesting fact of the conclusion section is that it doesn’t require you to do research anymore. You just need to include and write things which you have already mentioned in the dissertation. Conclusion chapter includes summary of all the chapters we have discussed in the dissertation. Remember that the conclusion for a dissertation must be different from a conclusion for an essay or an article.  It will be much lengthy and in-detail. In this article, we will discuss the necessary things which should be a part of the conclusion chapter.

Discuss Findings

Conclusion chapter starts with the findings of the dissertation. Researcher should write and explain what the findings have been for the current research. This will directly relate to the research question as the conclusion chapter’s aim is to answer that research question. Mention the literature that you have studied and tell how the literature is contradictory with your research. Give ample proofs to back your findings with your research. To see how the findings adds value to the dissertation, have a look at the dissertation chapter writing.

Directions for Future

Your research isn’t going to have a lasting impression if you didn’t provide any sort of future directions in it. Future directions includes the idea that your research can be used in the future, and what are the things that further needs to be discussed. Not providing a future direction can give an impression that you have come up with a final verdict and the research being provided is perfect and final without any single flaw in it. Don’t let your reader make such impression about your research, otherwise it can cost you a lot.

Make a Summary

A lot of people didn’t want to get through the whole of the dissertation project. They prefer to skim read the research paper. Since we are not bound to make everyone read the whole research paper, it would be a good practice to include some main key points of the whole dissertation in the end of dissertation. All these main points will fall under the heading of ‘Summary’ which can briefly tell the reader what your research is all about. Summary includes main points of all the chapters. Make sure that only main points should be mentioned, don’t make a summary so lengthy that it becomes a long chapter in itself.

Share your Personal Opinion

This is one of the most interesting point of the conclusion where the writer has the liberty to share his own opinions in this chapter. You need to share your opinions and thoughts about the topic and findings. Share the theories in your mind and provide solid basis for why you have opted for such techniques and theories. You are the scientists of this art at which you are playing on so make the maximum out of this opportunity.  

State Limitations

It is being said that the best room in the world is the room for improvement. It is necessary to understand that your research work; no matter how much effort have you made in it will have some limitations. These limitations can be different in their nature. For instance- a research has been conducted where the variables must respond in a specific way to obtain valuable results, or there might be research in which research have uncontrollable factors which affects the findings of the research.


One needs to be very careful when dealing with the conclusion section as the reader will most likely to remember this section from the whole dissertation as it will Provide the final remarks about the dissertation. Make sure that you don’t include any new point at this stage as it will just make the reading more complex and difficult to understand.