Modular Home Designs with Modern Flair

Modular Home Designs

With so many home building options today, it may be difficult to choose which one is the best for you and your loved ones. However, your search comes to a happy end once you are aware of prefab home extensions.

Let us read about the advantages of prefab home extensions to gain a clear and complete understanding of this amazing option.

  • Less Waste: This may come as a surprise to you but one-quarter of all non-industrial waste in the United Kingdom gets generated by the demolition and construction industry. No wonder, this is a staggering count given the total waste the United Kingdom produces. Now comes the good news, a prefab home extension can help potential homeowners get better value for their money while saving the environment. This is simply because all materials are stored in the factory and leftovers are more likely to be used by factory people and reused. In addition to this, materials are less likely to be damaged, vandalized, or stolen, which is something less seen in factories and more on construction sites.
  • Shorter construction time: Prefab home extensions can be constructed in less time as they can be pre-built in the factory instead of first waiting for demolition of an existing building and then laying the foundation for the new building. Prefab home extensions can be constructed, shipped, and assembled for your new home in less than 20 days instead of 6.9 months for a site-built home.
  • Energy Efficiency: One of the biggest advantages of a prefab home extension is that they are high on energy efficiency. They are powered by geometric and modern exterior finishing’s that maximize natural light and open spaces in your home. Moreover, home builders today are maximizing energy efficiency by investing in different methods like LED lighting, recycling materials, and installing solar panels. This helps you save energy bills to the point where you may actually be producing clean energy to put back into the energy grid.
  • Zero Inspection Hassle: Prefab home extensions are created in the factory setting before being transported to the site where they are assembled through heavy machinery. These modular homes don’t result in the production of waste as all the materials needed for construction reach the site after being installed in the modular pieces. It would be like putting together rooms of your home based on your requirements. Prefab home extensions allow you to get rid of the worries that come with regular home inspections by your municipality.

Let us now explore some of the best modular home designs with a modern and sophisticated flair

The Elemental Design House

The outside design of the Elemental Design House demonstrates a contemporary architectural style. The design is available in many sizes and the large windows call for openness and sophistication to make you feel many steps closer to the outside world. If money is a concern for you, you should opt for a completely modular design else you may select a model that needs on-site customization.

The American Barn Style House

The American Barn Style House is defined by its iconic and stunning roof lines that resemble those of traditional American wooden barns. It is considered to be an excellent choice for barns, warehouses, workshops, steel homes and barn homes, and church buildings.

The Living Homes

Living Homes provides some of the most stunning and captivating modular homes. It uses durable materials and features functional amenities, healthy finishes, thoughtful details, and spaces that delight and inspire. Living Homes are designed for the way you intend to live and can be customized according to your preferences. One of the best things about Living Homes is that functional details can be incorporated and you get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of smart home technologies and carefully-selected finishes.

The Living Homes two-bathroom, two-bedroom C6.2 is a compact model that perfectly fits the narrow lots and has a great deal to offer in the context of outdoor mobility and space at affordable pricing. The 8-corner layout of this home provides more visual interest compared to the rectangular models.

M Series Home Design

Method Homes is a custom manufacturer of modern, precision-engineered prefabs that are built to receive credits for green building certifications such as Living Building Challenge, Passive House, LEED, and more. The M Series offered by Method Homes is rated very highly by housing and buyer communities as it is the most affordable prefab selection. The best thing is that it features multiple exterior and interior finish options and this means that the homes are fully adaptable for different locations, sites, and owner preferences.

The Cottage Style House

The Cottage Style House is woodsy and informal, evoking a picturesque and stunning storybook charm. Cottage style homes have stucco walls, gable roofs, vertical board-and-batten, shingle, balconies, small porches, and bay windows. These cottage floor plans include one or two-story cabins as well as vacation homes. Cottage style homes were originally popularized by home pattern books such as Cottage Residences in 1842 by Andrew Jackson Downing.

The Simpatico Series Home Design

Simpatico Homes are based on a prefab home extension system wherein potential homeowners can choose to combine pre-designed modular units to create a semi-custom home. Prefab home extensions offered by Simpatico emphasizes on blending homes with the landscape and allow for more efficient, quicker, and more environmentally-friendly construction.



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