How to Throw the Best Birthday Bash

Celebrating a birthday is always so fun! It’s great to see how far a loved one has grown over the past year, and wonder where life will take them next. However, leading up to their birthday, you need to plan a party, and that can stressful. Here’s how to plan a birthday party with ease.

The first thing to do is decide where to have the party. Talk to the birthday person and ask them where they want to have it. Do they like the outdoors? A party on the beach, a nearby park, or in your backyard would be ideal. You can play games like volleyball or go swimming. You can also just lay out on a blanket and enjoy the great weather. An outdoor barbecue is always a fun idea. Remember to have a few side dishes available so vegetarian or vegan guests have a few options to choose from.

If your friend is more of an indoors-type, decide which venues they would most enjoy. Have a movie night at a friend’s house, take a pottery or cooking class together, or visit their favorite restaurant. If you plan on taking a class together or going out to eat, ask all the invitees what their budget is, and plan accordingly. You can ask the manager or coordinator if they have special group discounts.

If the birthday girl or boy wants to do something extra special, suggest taking a small group of friends to do something they enjoy. Take everyone on a trip to an amusement park, or on an outdoor adventure like kayaking or hiking. You could also go to an escape room together, or visit a karaoke bar. Do something that will get everyone’s adrenaline pumping, and make it a day no one will forget. Some of your guests might be hesitant, and that’s okay. If some guests are not into more adventurous activities, you can plan another event for everyone to take part in before or after the more unnerving parts. This way everyone can attend the party and enjoy themselves.

Maybe your guests have tight budgets, and don’t want to go on an expensive adventure. There are many options for fun, inexpensive birthday parties. To keep things simple, try to have the party at a venue where no one will be expected to spend any money. Your house, the park, or a friend’s house are all great places to meet up. For activities, you can have a movie night and allow the birthday girl or boy to choose what you all watch. Don’t forget the popcorn! Another option is to bake a cake together. You can all decorate with frosting and put the candles on top when it’s finished.

Depending on where you live, your local neighborhood might have fun cheap or free activities you can all do. Check and see if the public library has any special events planned, or if your city has a show or concert everyone can go to. Local events are typically inexpensive, and can be a lot of fun. Be prepared for long lines and crowds if you’re in a big city, but remember to enjoy yourself on matter what!

Another cheap party idea is playing board games. If you opt to play a game, make sure it’s simple enough to explain the rules clearly and quickly to everyone. No one wants to listen to a long list of do’s and don’ts, and most people will zone out halfway through the explanation. Some simple games to play are charades, pictionary, or a game of cards. You can also play a board game, but make sure there are enough pieces for everyone to join in. Monopoly is always a fun option, as is Jenga. If everyone has a smart phone or tablet, you can play online games such as Among Us.

Many people enjoy being creative and making things. If that sums up the people on your guest list, try doing a do-it-yourself craft project with everyone. There are tons of stores that sell adorable, individually packaged projects, or you can order some online. A few options are painting and decorating home decor items, designing bookmarks, beginner friendly sewing projects, or making jewelry. These activities are made to be doable by beginners and experts alike, so don’t worry about choosing the wrong project. Your friends will love their new craft projects.

Once you’ve decided where to have the party and what to do, it’s time to send out invitations. Basic Invite has tons of different invite options, from personalized birthday party invites to wedding invitations and more. All of their stationery is customizable, so you can make it your own. Change colors, fonts, or even the type of paper they’re printed on. With all the different choices, you’ll find just the right cards for your party.

After you’ve sent the invites out, get a headcount of who will go. Ask about allergies or other accommodations. Does everyone have a reliable way to get to the venue? Will there be guests with sensitivity issues like noise, light, or crowds? If someone expresses a concern, try to be helpful and work out a solution. Offer to pick up someone who doesn’t have a car, or provide food that won’t upset a guest’s allergies. It may take some effort to accommodate a person’s needs, but they will recognize and appreciate your work on their behalf.

That being said, you don’t need to bend over backwards. If someone needs accommodations that can’t be fulfilled, let them know that as soon as possible. They can choose to join in via video call, or celebrate with the birthday person another time. It may be upsetting, but some things cannot be fixed. Everything will be easier once that is acknowledged. Do your best to comfort someone if they are unable to attend, but don’t let it drag you down, there’s only so much you can do.

That’s it! You are now ready to throw the best birthday bash for yourself or a friend. Figure out where to have the celebration, decide what to do, send out the invites, and do your best to accommodate your guest’s needs. Everyone is sure to enjoy themselves, and you’ll all have wonderful memories of the event.

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