How to Maintain Your Handloom Sarees?

Handloom sarees such as KancheepuramBanarasi Georgette, Tussar, Resham&Jari, Ikkat, Patola, South Indian silks, and Kalamkaris are the Indian ethical wear. This explains why handloom saree requires managing with a lot of concentration and care. These sarees are very sensitive to decay and wear and tear, and maintaining them is exact tricky. Cleaning the sarees is quite difficult because the sarees can not wash at home therefore it is preferable to give them to a professional and trusted dry cleaner.

Maybe it is more to pay but your saree is clean with care and maintains its beauty.

If you don’t dry clean your saree then you have to face problems with your own decision. Follow the professional advice to keep your handloom saree maintain and avoid mistakes that may harm them.

Handloom Sarees – A Flawless Combination of Grace and Origin

How to wash a handloom saree?

  • Before washing your sarees with soap, keep them dip in salt water for a time.
  • Don’t dip them in water for a long time, and overnight
  • After dipping, wash with cold water 3 times before moving to clean with a detergent
  • You have to use good quality and soft detergents from the finest brands for washing your sarees by hand and never use bleach, dyes, and stain removers on light fabrics
  • Do not remain the soap on the saree for a long time and clean it quickly
  • Try to not rap or bundle up the saree when washing it because it may damage the fabric
  • Do not use a brush, even for stains, as it can easily tear the fabric
  • Always use cold water. Remember, handloom sarees are very sensitive, so do not use hot water to wash your sarees.
  • Never wash your costly handloom sarees in a washing machine

How to remove stains from a handloom saree?

  • In the possibility of unexpected staining, your sarees need quick attention
  • Maybe the stain from oil, food, and sprinkle powder then rub it and wash it
  • For drinks or gravy stains, dip a cotton ball in pure petrol and wipe it off
  • For more difficult stains, it is advisable to bring it to a dry cleaner for a more skilled wash

How to dry a handloom saree after wash?

  • Avoid direct sunlight when drying a saree as it might lead to fabric discoloration and dry it in partisan shade
  • Never twist it to press out the water to avoid permanent creases
  • Wrap the saree in clean, absorbent, light-colored towels and press it gently
  • Lay it out flat on a plain surface to dry. Avoid painted surfaces, windows, walls, or corroded things stands as they may stain the fabric
  • Always dry your saree individually. Other garments with dark colors may damage the fabric.

How to iron a handloom saree?

  • Never iron the saree at high temperature always press your sarees keeping it in medium to low heat
  • Never spray water on it before ironing as it may escape permanent marks on the fabric
  • Always keep the apparel on an ironing panel or a cotton cloth before pressing to avoid creases

How to keep a handloom saree?

Keeping a handloom saree depends a lot on how you store it.

  • Always confirm your saree is dry before storage because moisture can damage the fabric
  • Always keep the saree covered in a muslin cloth or pure cotton it helps to pass the air and protects them from moisture
  • Keep the saree in a dry place to avoid fading of the fabric
  • Store it in an upright, hanging position in your wardrobe but withhold from using metal hangers as they can depart rust stains on the fabric
  • Keep it away from your regular clothes because regular use handling can depart unwanted spots on it
  • Keep neem leaves in between the saree folds to conserve them from nuisance
  • From time to time, change the saree folds to avoid wrinkles that can wear and tear the material

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Best techniques to Preserve a Saree:

  • Never apply perfumes, deodorants, or other types of sprays directly on your handloom sarees
  • Don’t put white tar balls/another artificial insect resistant in direct connection with these sarees
  • Avoid washing them too repeatedly as they lose their shine from over-wash. Instead, dry them nicely after every wear and wear them a few more moments before cleaning
  • Avoid accomplishing your makeup after wearing your sarees as makeup tints are very challenging to remove
  • If you sweat a lot, it may depart stains in your sarees. To avoid this, always wear sweat-gripping protectors under your blouses.
  • It’s a good idea to consult the saree seller about the best ways to manage or care for your handloom sarees
  • If you notice a flaw/tear/loose exaggeration, immediately get it fixed professionally

In this way, you can protect or maintain your handloom sarees at home. People know it is difficult to wash the saree at home because the saree material is very sensitive and soft any wrong action may damage the saree therefore if you follow these steps hope to maintain the saree quality. And if do you have an expert tip to share with us on how to care for your sarees?

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