How to Find the Best Place to Buy Essential Oil Online

How to Find the Best Place to Buy Essential Oil Online

Essential oils are loved internationally for their enchanting scents and various wellness properties. You can find them all over now in spas and specialty stores, and even online. However, as with all health and beauty products, the more popular an item becomes, the more companies you’ll see joining in to get a share of the flowing profits. Unfortunately, some companies care more about the money than the oils they produce or the customers who will use them. If you’re hoping to buy essential oils online, you’ll want to find a vendor you can trust. You want a company that prioritizes honesty and product testing over making a fast buck, and a company that’s built up a reputation for its top quality customer service.

One trick to finding a trustworthy company is to look at how long they’ve been in the business. Many lower quality vendors are companies that noticed a rising trend and tried to get in on the money before it was too late. These kinds of companies are often very young or have only started dealing with essential oils very recently. By contrast, a good company where you can Buy Essential Oils Online is Appalachian Valley Natural Products (AVNP). With 20 years of experience in the essential oil business, AVNP is a company that has built its livelihood on the happiness of its customers and prioritizes the needs and wishes of their customers over profitability.

Another thing you’ll want to watch out for when choosing the right company to order from is the purity of their essential oils. For example, it’s not uncommon for essential oil vendors to adulterate their products, adding in impurities to change the scent of the natural oil or to conserve their stock, allowing them to make more money at the expense of their customers. AVNP isn’t like that. Instead, AVNP diligently tests every essential oil they have before putting it up for sale, ensuring that every product they sell is unadulterated and pure essential oil.

AVNP tests their oil via Gas Chromatography in order to identify its composition and ensure it falls within the acceptable “footprint” that is expected of oils produced by the plants they use and they regions they grow them in. AVNP will even provide these test results to their customers on request for no charge, and if an oil doesn’t pass the test, AVNP won’t sell it.

Next, consider customer satisfaction and the company’s reputation among its customers. One of the most basic tricks to buying anything online is to check customer reviews before placing an order. You want to make sure you’re getting the product you think you are. Some companies will go the extra mile and pay customers with a free product to review honestly on camera for the sake of future consumers. Some companies will also allow you to sample their products yourself. AVNP offers up to three free samples of any of their essential oils so you can discover which scents are the best for you, and subsequent samples are just 75 cents each.

Finally, you’ll need to ensure the company you want to buy essential oils online from will ship to your location. For this, it’s helpful to know if the company in question uses a different name in your region. Some companies rebrand themselves to better suit foreign markets. For example, Appalachian Valley Natural Products (AVNP), which ships domestically in the US and internationally, is also known as Anatolian Treasures (AT), and many of their overseas customers recognize them as AV-AT instead. That’s three different names for the same company. Be sure you know what name(s) you’re ordering from, and choose a company you’re certain will be able to get top quality products to your doors with no hassle.

For more information on the pure essential oils at AVNP, visit them online at or give them a call at (301) 746-4630.

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