How to Earn Money While Just Playing Games

The world is going digital. When we hear someone say this, we simply think about how schools have started online, how kids prefer talking to someone on social media instead of talking face-to-face, or how many thousands of different games or gadgets have evolved.

But that is not what the industry is limited to. Digitization has also turned to the gaming industry. And, I am not talking about the several video games that can be played online. No, a person can now earn money through these games. Did you know that?

How to Earn Money While Just Playing Games
How to Earn Money While Just Playing Games

It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Trust me when I say that it isn’t a dream, and if you pinch yourself, it will actually hurt. But kid you not, there are apps in the market that pay you to play games.

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There are some apps where you could put your money at risk, like poker apps, but there are others that pay you to test the beta versions of a game before the game is launched. These apps have gone worldwide and are growing more and more day by day.

The top 10 gaming apps in India that you can play games to earn money:

  1.     Task Bucks

This app allows the user to play different games and quizzes and earn coins. These coins are later converted to cash, which the user can redeem once they have crossed a certain threshold.

Other than that, the app allows the user to do tasks that a brand has provided and earn rewards. The user can also get free mobile recharge or data recharge by doing these specific tasks.

  1.     mGamer

This app is for die-hard action video gamers. The people who wouldn’t mind rough gaming and shooting games are the best suited for this app. The app lets the users earn money from the game so that they can utilize it to get more credit points in the game. Between each game, the user is given tasks like watching videos or filling out surveys which help them to earn real money.

It is two times earning, where the gamer can earn credits in his favorite game and earn hard cash in between the games.

  1.     Frizza

This is the best for earning cashback. The app gives you tasks like crossing a certain score/level in a specific game or reading an article, etc., and gives you rewards such as cashback on the completion of these tasks. This cashback ranges in a variety of things like food, shopping, finance, etc., in over 100+ stores. When you earn the cashback reward, it is directly transferred to your Paytm account for future use.

  1.     Prize Rebel

On Prize Rebel, you can earn money through Surveys, watching Videos, Different deals and offers, playing games, participating in raffles, and Performing Multiple small Tasks through their referral system. These different contests happen twice a month.

Everything you do has a specific coin across it, which you earn on completion of the game/task/survey. These coins have a certain money value which they convert to. Once the money value crosses a certain limit, you can withdraw the Money through Amazon Pay or PayPal.

Apart from this, you can also earn rewards in the form of gift cards across platforms like Amazon, Google Play, Visa, etc.

  1.     Bubble Burst

Unlike other apps mentioned in this article, Bubble Burst doesn’t pay you to play their game. Instead, it’s a lucky draw. For every level that you clear, your name is entered in the lucky draw, and then at the end of the month, a name is picked, deciding who gets the prize money.

  1.     Play and Earn

As its name play and earn suggests, this app lets you earn money by playing games and referring said games to your friends. When you complete a game level with a certain score, you are awarded points. These points later turn to money. Similarly is, using your referral code, your friend earns money, then you gain a percentage of that earning as a commission.

  1.     Money Bricks Ball

In this game, you have to break bricks/tiles with the help of the ball. Every level you cross has a certain value to it depending on your score. When you complete the level, you are awarded real money against this score. There are over 3000 levels that the game has. The payment of the money can be made to your PayPal account or to the Amazon Pay account.

  1.     Brain Battle

This app is again a lucky draw-based earning. The player who plays the different games on the app has to earn at least one ticket to be able to enter their names in the Prize Draws. On earning one ticket, your name is entered twice. Three tickets get your name in the lucky draw three times, increasing the possibility of you winning the chances.

  1.     Cash’em All

Cash’em all is a completely free app with no in-app purchases or deposits. You simply need to download the app and play games to earn rewards. It could be cash transfers, gift vouchers, PSN Cards, cashback, etc. The cash gets transferred to the user’s PayPal account while the coupons and vouchers are available for redeeming later.

  1. Solitaire

Solitaire is a card game.  you can play card games here and earn lottery tickets after winning the game. The chances of winning completely depend on the number of tickets. Along with these lotteries, these are giveaways where the lucky winners get a prize.


So here you have the top 10 gaming apps to help you pass the time as well as earn money. But there are other different apps too where you can earn a lot of money on your android or iPhone. You must explore these apps too.