How Can CTEC 20-Hour Courses Boost Your Career in Taxation

Once you become a Certified Tax Preparer in the state of California, you are still required to complete the CTEC 20 hour course every year.

There are many CTEC and IRS-approved Education Providers that provide a multitude of courses regarding CTEC. In the 20-hour continuing education program, students learn about:

  • Federal Tax Law and Updates
  • Ethics
  • California Tax Law

But how will this course enhance your career in taxation? Besides the mandated hour completion, there are certain benefits to attaining your CTEC 20-Hour Course Certification.

Remain Qualified to Earn

Once you have completed the prerequisite 60-hour course and following exam, you become qualified to earn by getting compensation for your tax work. However, if you fail to take the annual 20-hour course, you can become disqualified to earn as a Tax Preparer.

To become a qualified Tax Preparer after failing to take the annual course, you will have to pay and attend the 60-hour course again, which can waste your time and effort.

By ensuring you finish this program by October 31st, you can still earn and advance your career as a Tax Preparer. Today, many courses allow students to take flexible classes, which will enable you to learn at your pace for the CTEC 20-hour Course.

Get Updated on Tax Laws and Regulations

Tax Laws and Regulations are tweaked each year, and while these changes may be minor, a misstep could cost you and your clients a significant sum of money. To prevent that, the course provides you with the latest updates.

This will ensure that you are kept in the know-how of federal and state tax changes, such as the legal changes caused by the COVID-19 response. Student Support is also an excellent way for students to resolve their queries before completing their course.

Qualify for IRS AFSP Record of Completion

Students can also gain credits that can be availed towards completing their IRS AFSP-Record of Completion. The Record of Completion allows students to add an extra certification and stand out among other tax preparers in the job market.

Pay Increase and More Opportunities

Once you have completed your CTEC 20-Hour Course, you are allowed to continue tax-related activities for your career and get increased pay depending on how long you have been practicing as a Tax Preparer.

Continuing to take annual courses will allow for increased pay in return for your services and increased opportunities as you become more experienced.

Make Advances in Your Career with The CTEC 20-Hour Course

Many Education Providers now provide online classes that can be taken when you’re free. This allows you to learn in a stress-free environment and set your learning pace.

Today’s course options also include notes/PDFs that can be used alongside the classes, allowing students to focus on learning. In addition, many will automatically report the completion of the course to CTEC and/or IRS.

Students should also check if they have lifetime access to the course because this can allow them to utilize the material when they need to re-learn specific tax processes.

There are several benefits to enrolling in a CTEC 20-hour Course, the main one being that it will allow you to receive a fee for your tax services.