Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Trek: Overview

An individual who is fond of the environment must hike in the heaven of unforeseeable and uncertain topographies of Hampta Pass. There are realistic and evocative interchanges in the topography after each and every one or two hours of your trekking on the hiking series of Hampta Pass. The absence and deficiency in the traitorous is remunerated by the ample of  inherent charmer that will be taking an individual by  eye-opener at every single twisting and turning of the hike. The complete series of the hike of Hampta Pass is marked with those things that you are dreaming to witness on a hike.For the hikers,it is a kind of adventure for them. The entitlement of the Hampta pass hike is in the wake of the township of Hampta. This township of Hampta is situated beneath the town of Sethan.It is the segment of the route of hike. It is in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

The encampment of Manali is the starting spot of the Hampta Pass trek. You need to give at least complete 5 no. of days to this Hampta Pass trek. This is the hike which has an elevation of 14,100 feet. The total distance of hiking is 35 Kms.Hampta pass hike is one of the great treks of India.

Reasons to do the Hampta Pass trek

There are so many reasons to do the Hampta Pass trek. Some of them are as follows

  • Facile and unchallenging convenience 
  • Varying topographies
  • Luxuriant and diversified biodiversity
  • Campsite encounter
  • For witnessing the charmer of Chandra tal pond
  • For seeing the splendour of Hampta township
  • Landscape 
  • Memorable experience
  • Hampta township
  • For catching up the magnificent vistas

Best time for the Hampta Pass trek

We should know the best time to visit the Hampta pass trek. June and September are the perfect months to visit this Hampta pass trek. This is the time when season is appropriate for tall elevation hiking. Few other months provide the facility of hiking. But,they are not to be considered for hiking because of the variation in the conditions of the climate and temperature.

How to Reach?

The hiking voyage starts from manali. You can go to manali either by train or by car or by flight. Reach to the Bhuntar airport which is at  situated at a distance of 52 kilometers from the resort township of manali with taxi amenities offered on a regular basis to arrive at your landing place. It is linked with metropolis. If you proceed by your own vehicle from the metropolis of Delhi, then almost 12 to14 hours time will be taken by your vehicle. Roadways and buses are the perfect mode of transportation to reach to your charming and attractive landing place.

Things to Carry for the Hampta Pass Trek

  • Hiking shoes of superior quality
  • Shoes for passing over streamlets
  • Warmth socks
  • Warmth innerwear
  • Flashlight
  • Whistle
  • Bag for keeping wet clothes
  • Water-resistant Trench Coat
  • Hiking pants
  • Warmth hats
  • Goggles
  • lotion
  • Bottle that is filled with water
  • Hiking Stick
  • First Aid box
  • Personal essential medicines 
  • Cellphone
  • Gloves for wearing in the hand

Level of Difficulty

Now let’s know about the level of difficulty.It is very important to know about all the things.The mode of difficulty is average. The hike is selected by the learner and skilled hikers.You also need to be physically fit and fine.

About the Locals 

The locals are humble in their way of life.Comprising mainly graziers and crafts persons, the extraordinary sub-cultural way of life of the individuals is reflected in their own customary legacy and prehistoric folklore.With an incalculable admiration for environment, there is an existence of vigorous creativity and innovation of genetic protocols. At this place,numerous handicraft works can be explored. 

How to Plan the Hampta Pass Trek?

Day 1

On this day, you have to reach to Jobra from Manali:hike to Chika from Jobra

  • Firstly reach to the hill station of manali and having a meeting with those exemplaries who will guide you 
  • Then,have some delicious breakfast 
  • After eating your food,just drive your car to Jobra. From here only,the hiking of Hampta Pass proceeds 
  • At this point of transfer,get the instructions and directions from your tour Captain and speed for an simple climb to Chika
  • It is one of the simple hikes to the camp spot  of Chika on the Rani Nallah edges.This is the hike that moves you to a varied woodland where you find numerous saplings of birch and pine.
  • At the time of hiking, trek ahead with the water body of Rani Nallah who will be initiating the frames of great stony hillocks in definite magnificence
  • Have fun with this night stay 
  • And then, have a dinner in the canopies of Chika

   Day 2

   On this day, you have to reach to Balu Ka Ghera 

  • The overall distance of the hike is 6 Kms 
  • It will take 5 hours
  • Altitude is 11,900 feet
  • You have stay in the beautiful encampments
  • Firstly have a breakfast in the encampment of Chika and then process to Balu Ka Ghera from the encampment of Chika
  • Enjoy the experience of being in the region of HImalaya when you see the initial glance of Dhauladhar
  • After reaching Balu Ka Ghera,stay at this place for a single day in order to have lunch and to relax for some time. 

    Day 3

    On this day, your journey will begin from Balu Ka Ghera and will end   at Siagoru and crossing Hampta Pass

  • Awake in the morning and have a encounter to witness the unproductive and sterile topography of Himalaya in the gorges of Spiti and Lahu
  • This kind of diversification in the hiking of Hampta Pass makes it more enchanting and alluring
  • Begin the day with sharp climb up to the Hampta Pass.you can witness an amazing scenic vista from the crest
  • Then descend to the succeeding camp
  • Explore the calm and composed peace surrounding the gorge
  • Following a short stay in the township of Hampta,that bestows the Hampta pass its entitlement,you will start the pitch to the Siagoru campsite
  • When you will come again to Siagoru, then have some relaxation 
  • Have a night out

    Day 4

On this day, you will hike to Chatru and  you have to drive towards Chandra Tal 

  • Awake in the morning,have a breakfast meal and start a simple pitch across the gorge of Hampta
  • Discover the category of mountains of Pir Panjal 
  • This scenery lines is further with you until you reach to the encampment of Chatru
  • Upright your short interaction head to Chatru. It is a convergence of Rohtang Pass,Hampta Pass and Spiti
  • On the first day, have a dinner and then on the second day, have a breakfast
  • Then,you will navigate towards Chandra tal
  • Spend some time at the lake
  • Come back and have your meal 
  • Have a night stay

 Day 5

 On Day 5, navigate towards manali along Rohtang Pass 

  • This is the time when hiking approaches to an finish point
  • After having your breakfast meal,cross the tall elevation pass which links the Spiti, Kullu and Lahaul gorge
  • Come back to manali and bestrew for your trip