Engagement Rings Vs Wedding Rings

There comes a time in our lives when we look for engagement rings and wedding rings. Whether it is for us or our loved ones, these rings hold a special place in our hearts.

Engagement rings are the first step of adorning the wedding ring. It is the ring with which we get our proposals of marriage.

Today, we will learn about the differences between wedding rings and engagement rings.

What is an engagement ring?

Engagement rings are used during a marriage proposal. There is no specific rule of how the ring should look. Designs for engagement rings range from simple solitaire diamond rings to custom-designed rings.

Dimond is the popular choice of gemstone for an engagement ring. However, there are no set rules. A lot of times blue sapphire rings or an emerald engagement ring are also preferred over a diamond.

Sometimes, people go for their partner’s birthstone to make the proposal even more special. For instance, if you are proposing to her on her birthday, you can choose a ruby and diamond engagement ring or an aquamarine engagement ring—it will depend on the month of her birthday.

What is a wedding ring?

A wedding ring looks much simpler than an engagement ring. These come in classic bands. Sometimes, there are small stones in them. But wedding rings don’t usually feature huge diamonds or other gemstones.

There is a sensible reason why brides prefer to keep the wedding ring simple. Usually, both engagement ring and wedding ring are worn on the same finger. The wedding ring is placed closest to the hand as it is a promise from the heart.

Thus, choosing a simple wedding band makes it convenient for them to carry two rings on the same finger. Too many precious stones also possess a risk in everyday life.

What is the difference?

Although both the rings are connected to marriage, there are some major differences between both.

The timing

Timing is one of the distinctive differences between the rings. Engagement rings are to propose marriage. There are engagement rings for both men and women.

Wedding rings on the other hand are exchanged during the wedding ceremony. Both the groom and the bride receive a wedding ring. Traditionally, the engagement ring is given to the person you are proposing. But it is becoming more and more popular to exchange engagement rings as well.

Design and style

Engagement rings usually have diamonds or gemstones which makes them quite extravagant. A solitaire diamond ring is considered the classic engagement ring. The stones are cut into different shapes and sizes. In general, there are a lot of intricacies and glamour involved in designing an engagement ring.

Wedding rings are typically quite simple. They have a band that might feature small gemstones. They have a classic, timeless feel to them.

Nowadays, bridal set rings UK are becoming popular. In bridal sets, the two rings match each other and fit seamlessly in the hand. The wedding ring on the set is a simple band to compliment the dazzling engagement ring.


Cost is a subjective matter in jewellery. It depends a lot on your set budget, choice of metals, gemstones, designs, and other factors.

However, engagement rings usually cost more than wedding rings. This is because engagement rings have luxurious gemstones in the centre which influences the cost. That being said, sometimes people opt for eternity rings for the wedding ceremony. Full diamond eternity rings will cost more than a simple engagement ring.

Do you need to wear both?

This is quite a common question that most of us don’t have the right answer to.

Wearing jewellery is a personal choice. You can stick to the traditional way, where you wear both. Or you can stick to any one of them.

Conventionally, you are supposed to wear both. But for many, it can be an inconvenience. Especially, if you are working or have children at home, wearing both rings can be risky.

Many couples nowadays opt for a single ring for both the engagement and the wedding. It is a budget-conscious decision where couples save money with only one investment.

The growing trend of wearing full diamond eternity rings is also seen in the market often.

If you are buying from a brand like AG & Sons, you have a lot of options for engagement rings and wedding rings at an affordable price.