200+ Digital Marketing Abbreviations (Acronyms) 2020

200+ Digital Marketing Abbreviations (Acronyms) 2020

Top Most Digital Marketing Abbreviation & Internet Marketing Acronyms - Online Guider

Top Most Digital Marketing Abbreviation & Internet Marketing Acronyms – Online Guider

Acronyms are defined as words formed by the first letters of combinations of words. Everywhere we could see there are lots of times abbreviations are used in our day to day business communications for the purpose of making it easy for the communications, and saves the precious time as well as very simple to remember the words. Similarly, in Digital marketing platforms, we all using many digital platforms related tools or strategies names in our work. Here I have listed out some of the most important and used 200+ digital marketing abbreviation (acronyms). In case of any missing of Acronym, please comment on the below.

Sl. No. Short Name Full Form
1 ABM Automated Bid Management
2 A&M Advertising and Marketing
3 ACBM App Centric Business Model
4 ACM App Centric Model
5 AFG AdSense for Games
6 AFV AdSense for Video
7 AGM Average Gross Margin
8 AIDA Attention/Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action
9 AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
10 AMP Accelerated Mobile Page
11 ANR Application Not Repsponding
12 AOP Annual Operating Plan
13 AOSP Android Open Source Project
14 API Application Programming Interface
15 APM Application Performance Monitoring
16 APPCT Alternate page with proper canonical tag
17 APV Average Page Views
18 AS Audience Stream
19 ASIN Amazon Standard Identification Number
20 ASM App Store Marketing
21 ASO App Store Optimization
22 ATC Alexa Traffic Country
23 ATP Ad Technology Provider
24 ATS Average Time On Site
25 B2B Business-To-Business
26 B2C Business-To-Consumer
27 BAS BingAds Scripts
28 BIP Business Intelligence Platform
29 BOM byte order mark
30 BR Bounce Rate
31 BRD Business Requirements Documents
32 BTDR Buy To Detail Rate
33 CAC Customer Acquisition Cost
34 CDN Content Distribution Network
35 CF Citation Flow
36 CKA Competitive Keyword Analyzer
37 CLA Competitive Landscape Analyzer
38 CLV Customer Lifetime Value
39 CLV Competitive Link Velocity
40 CMS Content Management System
41 CMS Consultant Management System
42 CPA Cost Per Action
43 CPC Cost Per Click
44 CPI Cost Per Install
45 CPL Cost Per Lead
46 CPM Cost Per Impressions
47 CPO Cost Per Opportunity
48 CPP Cost Per Pixel
49 CPR Cost Per Revenue
50 CPS Cost Per Sale
51 CPT Cost Per Transaction
52 CR Conversion Rate
53 CRM Customer Relationship Management
54 CRO Conversion Rate Optimization
55 CrUX Chrome User Experience Report
56 CSR Client Side rendering
57 CSR Certificate Signing Request
58 CSS Cascading Style Sheets
59 CT Canonical Tag
60 CTA Call-To-Action
61 CTDR Cart To Detail Rate
62 CTR Click Through Rate
63 CVR Conversion Rate
64 DBM DoubleClick Bid Manager
65 DCO Dynamic Creative Optimization
66 DE Device Encrypted
67 DEB Desktop Event Banner
68 DFP DoubleClick for Publishers
69 DM Digital Marketing
70 DMB Desktop Main Banner
71 DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act
72 DMCA Digital Marketing Certified Associate
73 DMP Data Management Platform
74 DMSA Data Management for Analytcis
75 DNS Domain Name Server
76 DOM Document Object Model
77 DOM Dynamic Online Marketing
78 DPA Dynamic Product Ads
79 DS DoubleClick Search
80 DSA Display Search Ads
81 DSA Dynamic Search Ads
82 DSP Demand Side Platform
83 DXP Digital Experience Platform
84 E2E End-to-End
85 EB Event Banner
86 ETag Entity Tag
87 FAR False Accept Rate
88 FAN Facebook Audience Network
89 FBML Facebook Markup Language
90 FCI First CPU Idle
91 FCM Firebase Cloud Messaging
92 FCP First Contentful Paint
93 FID First input delay
94 FMP First meaningful paint
95 FP First Paint
96 FPS Frames Per Second
97 FRR False Reject Rate
98 FTI First-time Installers
99 FTP File Transfer Protocol
100 GA Google Analytics
101 GAM Google Ad Manager
102 GAS Google Ads Scripts
103 GAS Google App Scripts
104 GCP Google Cloud Platform
105 GCS Google Customer Solutions
106 GDA Google Digital Academy
107 GMB Google My Business
108 GMP Google Marketing Platform
109 GMS Google Marketing Solutions
110 GPC Google Play Console
111 GPS Google Play Store
112 GSC Google Search Console
113 GtM Go-to-Market
114 GWT Google Webmaster Tool
115 HSTS HTTP Strict Transport Security)
116 HTML Hyper-Text Markup Language
117 IA Internal Audit
118 IAR Imposter Accept Rate
119 IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
120 IMA Interactive Media Ads
121 iOS iPhone Operating System
122 IoT Internet of Things
123 IP Internet Protocol/Intellectual Property
124 ISBN International Standard Book Number
125 ISP Internet Service Provider
126 IST Internal Search Terms
127 JSON-LD JavaScript Object Notation-Linked Data
128 KPI Key Performance Indicator
129 LCS Large Customer Sales
130 LJR Link Juice Recovery
131 LJT Link Juice Thief
132 LOR Link Opportunities Review
133 LP Landing Page
134 LSI Latent Semantic Indexing
135 LVT Link Velocity Trends
136 MAP Minimum Advertised Pricing
137 MB Main Banner
138 MEB Mobile Event Banner
139 ML machine learning
140 MMB Mobile Main Banner
141 MoM Month-Over-Month
142 MQB Moz Quality Backlinks
143 MRC Media Rating Council
144 MTD Month To Date
145 MWP Mobile Web Pages
146 MZ Moz Trust
147 NLP Natural Language Processing
148 OMCP Online Marketing Certified Professionals
149 OVP Online Value Proposition
150 P I I Personally Identifiable Information
151 PAAS Potentially Harmful Apps
152 PBN Private Blog Network
153 PDP Product Detail Page
154 PIE Persistent Identification Elements
155 PL Procedural Language
156 PLA Product Listing Ads
157 PLA Popular Links Analysis
158 POInT Purpose Outline Input Transition
159 POS Point Of Sale
160 PPC Pay Per Click/Call
161 PQ Percentage of Quality Backlinks
162 PR Page Rank
163 PRD Product Requirements Documents
164 PRG Post-Redirect-Get pattern
165 PSI Page Speed Insights
166 PV Page View
167 PWA Progressive Web App
168 QoQ Quarter-Over-Quarter
169 QR Code Quick Response Code
170 QS Quality Score
171 RACE Reach, Action, Convert, and Engage
172 RAIL Response Animation Idle and Load
173 RI Retained Installers
174 RLSA Remarketing Lists For Search Ads
175 RLVA Remarketing Lists for Video Ads
176 RLYA Remarketing Lists for YouTube Ads
177 RM Re-Marketing
178 ROAS Revenue On Ad Spend
179 ROI Revenue On Investment
180 RORV Rate Of Return Visitors
181 ROT Return on Time
182 RSS Feed Really Simple Syndication Feed
183 RTB Real Time Bidding
184 RTT Round-Trip Time
185 RUM Real User Monitoring
186 RWD Responsive Web Design
187 SA306 Search Ads 360
188 SAN Subject Alternative Names
189 SAR Spoof Accept Rate
190 SDK Software Development Kit
191 SDTT Structured Data Testing Tool
192 SFBM Site First Business Model
193 SFM Site First Model
194 SKU Stock Keeping Unit
195 SLA Service Level Agreement
196 SLE Store Listing Experiments
197 SLV Store Listing Visitors
198 SM Social Media
199 SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.
200 SMM Social Media Marketing
201 SMO Social Media Optimization
202 SMP Social Media Platform
203 SMS Short Message Service
204 SPA Single-Page Application
205 SQL Structured Query Language
206 SQR Search Query Report
207 SS Spam Score
208 SSL Secure Sockets Layer
209 SSL EV SSL Extended Validation
210 SSO single-sign-on
211 SSP Supply Side Platform
212 SSR Server-side rendering
213 TAT Turn Around Time
214 TF Trust Flow
215 TLD Top level domain
216 TLSP Transport Layer Security Protocol
217 TMS Tag Management System (Solution)
218 TPL Transmission Control Protocol
219 TTFB Time To First Byte
220 TTI Time to Interactive
221 UCC Unified Communications Certificate
222 UGC User Generated Content
223 URL Uniform resource locator
224 UTF Unicode Transformation Format
225 UTM Urchin Tracking Module
226 UX User Experience
227 VM Viral Marketing
228 VPA Virtual Personal Assistants
229 VPS Virtual Private Server
230 WAS Web Analytics Solution
231 WPO Web Performance Optimization
232 WRS Web Rendering Service
233 XML Sitemap Extensible Markup Language Sitemap
234 YoY Year over Year
235 YPP YouTube Partner Program
236 YTD Year To Date
237 ZMOT Zero Moment of Truth

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PPV – Pay per view
ATD – Agency trading desk

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