CXL Institute Digital Analytics MiniDegree Training Review (Week-1)

CXL Google Analytics Training Review

This article is written as part of the CXL Institute scholarship and covers my first-week of studying the Digital Analytics Minidegree.

For the next 12 weeks, I will be posting a new article every Sunday where I will be writing about my understanding of the content as well as my thoughts on the content. So if you are interested, feel free to come back on Mondays and read about Digital Analytics.

Why a ‘Digital Analytics’ certification?

Employers want and need savvy digital marketing professionals who will make the best use of limited marketing budgets as well as drive results in an increasingly competitive and crowded digital landscape. And the only way to drive better results is to have a better understanding of analytics so you can make data-driven marketing decisions. Whether your current employer is asking for that capability now or not, you must need to learn the digital analytics skills and see how your effectiveness at work increases significantly. Also, this badge will be added in your resume to get better opportunities in the future.

With learning digital analytics you can also get better and confident at in your job, and therefore you will become a more valuable to your employer or in the future employer. There is a lot opportunities for digital analytics in the market. When you know better analytics like how to use, find, identify and interpret the data that drives better, smarter and more cost-effective marketing decisions, it makes your job better and smarter.

Why Did I choose this ‘Digital Analytics’ Certification?

Top 30 Web Analytics Tools

I am a professional SEO guy and a lifelong learner of all things about SEO, Web Analytics and Digital Marketing. I am passionate about understanding digital performance. After all, understanding of my work and customers behavior can be done by using Digital Analytics platforms.

I have been working on SEO and Web Analytics since 8+ years. Learning myself and using web analytics tools with the help of reading a different article, blog post, and watching videos on YouTube etc. However, it is not a permanent place for me to clear understanding everything related to digital analytics at one place. Therefore, I choose CXL Digital Analytics minidigree which will help me understand the complete Digital Analytics from the beginning to end with clear explanation by industry experts.

Learning is never end and there be always learning throughout our life journey. Similarly, CXL is not only for Digital analytics course, once I finish this I would like to take other courses like Technical SEO and Conversion Optimization later.

What is CXL Institute?

For those that are new to CXL Institute, they offer paid training programs including recognized certifications. All the programs are taught by industry leaders and top marketers for those seeking to learn new technical marketing skills and tools highly useful to growth professionals, product managers, UXUI experts, or any other marketing person.

What is Courses vs. Minidegrees?

Courses are put together in a well-organized form to illustrate different topics like marketing, analytics, optimization, advertising, content marketing, management, psychology, SEO, AB testing. There are around 49 online courses that give digital marketers a general insight into tools, trends, and everything in between.

The minidegrees are programs that cover specific areas of online marketing. As of now, CXL provides minidegrees for

  1. Conversion Optimization
  2. Customer Acquisition
  3. Digital Analytics
  4. Digital Psychology and Persuasion
  5. Growth Marketing

My First Week Lessons and Thoughts on ‘Digital Analytics’

The first course of my Mini Degree is ‘Google Analytics 4’. Google recently announced a new version of Analytics – describing it as the new default version of its famous data collection and web traffic analysis software. Google Analytics 4 (formerly known as “App + Web) is a new kind of property, with different reports than what you’re used to seeing in Universal Analytics properties. One advantage of a Google Analytics 4 property is that you can use it for a website, an app, or both a website and app together.

Google self-describes the purpose of the new Google Analytics as a next generation approach to “privacy-first” tracking, x-channel measurement, and AI based predictive data all at once. By applying Google’s advanced machine learning models, the new Analytics can fill out data for website traffic and user behaviour without relying on having “hits” come from every page.

The first course is ‘Google Analytics 4’. It has 9 lessons including setup and final exams on each course. Talking about the trainer Charles Farina, who has been working with the Google Analytics platform for about over 10 years. Currently, he works with Ads Worth, which is one of Google’s leading Google Marketing Platform Reseller. His training is awesome and has clear understanding on each and every stage. I totally loved his way of training with the presentation. The below are the lessons we are covering in the Google Analytics 4.

  1. Introduction to Google Analytics 4
  2. Setup Core Implementation
  3. Setup Admin Overview
  4. Setup Events and Conversions
  5. Setup Other Components BigQuery, E-Commerce, Privacy, and More
  6. Reporting Standard Reports
  7. Reporting Analysis Module (Funnels, Pathing, and More)
  8. Reporting Segments & Audiences
  9. Final Exam – Google Analytics 4

So far I have completed only first 2 lessons of Introduction to Google Analytics 4 and Core Implementation setup process in two days. I understood what the types of GA accounts journey from the beginning and why the present Google Analytics 4 and it’s important for business. And, I had core implementation training from ‘Charles’, and it went on success by doing some testing with a blog. Now I am going to implement GA4 in to my website ( Overall, it is a great training with clear understanding, much worth of spending my time to learn it. Feeling like I am doing a great job by joining CXL. Thanks to Charles and CXL team making a great support for us by proving the Scholarships Program for mini degrees.

In the next week post I will be covering the Google Analytics 4 Admin overview setup, events and conversions setup, standard reporting and analysis modules, segments and audiences lessons.



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