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Before we dive in to how to build backlinks there are a few things you must know:
Backlinks are like votes for your website. The more backlinks your site receives the higher it will rank. 

Domains & IP addresses matter

Getting 100 backlinks from 100 different domains is far better than getting 100 backlinks from 1 domain.
And getting backlinks from a variety of different IP addresses is even better! (Every computer connected to the Internet is assigned an IP address.)
For example, let’s say you use BlueHost to host your 20 domains. Most likely all of those domains will be on the same BlueHost server and have the same IP address. So you could have your 20 domains link to each other but this will be less effective because the domains are all on the same IP address.
What is backlink?
Backlink is a link from other site that points to your site. It is sometimes referred as inbound link. Backlink is considered as a way to measure the authority and trust of a site. Google largely depends its ranking algorithm by counting backlinks that point to your site. Therefore, if there are many sites or pages that point to your site/page, Google will think that your site is very important and has relevant content for certain keywords. You can make backlinks in a variety of way. You can do blog commenting, social bookmarking, forum profile linking, pyramid wheel linking, and other method of backlinking.
One of the most simple but powerful method of backlink is by using blog commenting. Google will consider your blog comment backlinks to be worthed if they come from high PR or high authoritative sites such as from .EDU or .GOV sites. Therefore, .EDU and .GOV sites can be a great source for backlinking.
What is .EDU and .GOV backlink?
Like we have discussed above, .EDU and .GOV backlinks is simply a link pointing to your site from .EDU and .GOV domain. Those .EDU and .GOV domains are not necessarily to be in USA only. They can be from various countries, all of them have same weight in Google’s eyes. In fact, Google loves what it’s called to be geographical diversification. The more you have backlinks from various region of earth, the more Google thinks your site valuable to everyone in this world, and Google will rank up your site accordingly.
.EDU and .GOV backlink is also not necessarily to do-follow. If your backlink campaign is too weighing to one side of do-follow or no-follow, Google will think that your backlink comes from non-natural way, and will start penalize your site. A good mix of do-follow and no-follow .EDU and .GOV backlink will keep your site away from Google penalty.
Why do I need .EDU and .GOV backlink?
Well, you don’t always need .EDU and .GOV backlink. You can still do other type of backlinking.
But you need to remember, .EDU and .GOV backlink is worth more than 20 times of those common backlink. With this in mind, you will need 20 times less amount of money, effort, and time to build quality backlink to your site. Moreover, .EDU and .GOV can not be substituted in term of authority with even high PR .COM backlinks.
With this in mind, you should always prefer .EDU or .GOV backlinks over common backlinks. And you will see that your site ranks up quicker and more stable if sustained by high quality .EDU and .GOV backlinks.
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