Best Brands of Watches 2022

Popular brands of watches keep experimenting by updating their old collection, advancing technology, and unique styles to stand out in the crowd.  In the modern world, we have so many varieties of watches that it becomes daunting to find the one that perfectly meets your requirement.  It is important to list our priorities before jumping into the pool of functional watches. Guiding yourself about the factors to consider before finding and buying one that matches your personality and lifestyle is enjoyable.

Tips that can help you make your decision


We all must have heard about top-down selling, where a salesperson, even after knowing your budget approaches a sale by starting at the highest price available and then gradually negotiating down. This disrupts your set budget, and you will end up buying a product at a price higher than required.  Do not fall into that trap; the best way to avoid this is to buy the watch online.


Movement is an engine of the watch hence, the most essential part of the watch.

There are two types of movements:

Quart and Mechanical. In comparison, Quartz movements are a recent invention. While Quartz movements may lack the glamour of their mechanical counterpart, are highly precise and affordable. A mechanical watch on the other hand has a choice of manual and automatic winding systems.

Some people love manual movements as their inner working, often visible through the watch’s reverse. However, automatic watches are the more popular and are mostly chosen by women over quartz.


These are different types of watches say, such as chronograph, sports watch, smartwatch, luxury watch, diving watch and then they are also separated by gender such as digital watch for women.  With so many options and their inbuilt features, choose the one that perfectly fits your lifestyle and occupation. However, if you are looking for parties and occasions, go for luxury watches as they can perfectly accentuate and complete your look.


Not only women, but men also look for the design and style of watch they intend to wear.

Let us talk about top-tier watchmakers who are continuously proving themselves in this fast-paced world.


One of the most renowned companies in the world. Casio watch for women and men has a wide collection with different functionality for everyone.  Even if you are looking for something expensive or affordable, Casio has it all. Casio has a high rate of customer satisfaction and their watches are reasonably priced. G-shock of their most popular collection has incredible durability, style, and features. The company constantly innovates and improves upon its products.


The brand is known to have a robust, sturdy, and reliable collection of watches. The luxury brand has extremely fine and complicated craftsmanship, even for daily wear watches. Rolex introduces innovative features quite early; this is what keeps the brand on top of the game.


The brand focuses on affordable pricing and has something for almost every style for men, women, and children. Whether you want to buy contemporary, traditional, or fashion watches, Sekonda offers everything for you.  They do not target the luxury market, instead, their watches are perfect for anyone and everyone getting into the watch market.


A Japanese mechanical watch brand that offers high-end quality timepieces. Their collection of watches has a fascinating design, are reliable and accurate.

Give and take is a one-stop online store for all kinds of timepieces. They have a high-quality affordable timepiece collection for men, women, and kids. You can buy from their ultimate collection of popular branded watches at affordable prices.