Basics of Google Analytics (A Web Anaytic Tool)

Basics of Google Analytics (Web Anaytic Tool)

Basics of Google Analytics (Web Anaytic Tool)

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics ( is a free service offered through Google that, once setup properly, allows you to monitor all visitor activity on your website. You can see where website traffic is coming from, how many visitors are coming to your website, where they are going, and through which search engines and key words they found your website. Analytics is a powerful tool and easy to use.

We have 4 Tabs in Google Analytics:

1. Home: Home tab in the first page user see after the login. This tab will shows number of accounts and their performance details of added or linked website.
2.    Reporting:
·         This is main tab will shows the graphical representation of performance metrics like session, users, bounce rate, page views, average session, new visitors etc.
·         In the left side panel we have different options like Dashboards, Shortcuts, Intelligence events, Real time, Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversions. Under the each options will be having many sub metrics analysis tabs to analyze the website performance
·         Dashboard gives a general overview of the website traffic.
Ø  Can create our own Dashboard
Ø  Add widgets to own Dashboard
Ø  Add a linked report directly to our own Dashboard
Ø  Edit a widget
Ø  Add segments to our Dashboard and analyze and compare the performance
Ø  Customize the Dashboard’s layout as per the user understanding
Ø  Create the reports and Email to the business partners as well
Ø  We can delete a Dashboard if it is not required and many more.
         3. Customization: Here we can create and manage the custom reports. Also, can access, manage, and share custom reports with others.
     4. Admin tab:
·         The Admin tab gives an access to the Analytics administrative features.
·         Here we use this tab to create new properties, change user permissions, add integrations, set up filters, import data and more.

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  1. Hi, hope your doing well. Google analytic tool really helps us in many ways to get visitors activity and to analyze traffic on your website which is useful to improve your business by getting all the reviews. Thanks Google for providing this and thanks Isak for sharing blog. Keep going

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