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Car Parts in 2020

There are many car parts, which are used to make a car. A car consists of tons of small and big parts such as steering wheel, brakes clutch, accelerator, and many other accessories. All these parts must work fine for car to run effectively. If any of these parts turns faulty, they can create problems in driving a car and even cause an accident. If the fault is not addressed timely, it can increase the damage and repairing cost.

In this article, we will deal with some basic parts of a car.

1. Radiator

Radiator present in a car has the task of removing the heat from the coolant. The engine is not overheated due to the presence of the radiator. The heated coolant in the car passes through the radiator. The coolant transfers the heat in the air generated by the radiator, which cools the coolant. Radiator has to be maintained regularly and for this, people need to test the coolant two times in a year. If radiator is not performing its task, it has to be replaced with a new one. You can either do the replacement by yourselves or call a professional. It is better to call a professional car parts repairing service provider as he can detect other problems and resolve them.

2. AC Compressor

AC Compressor present in the car cools it. It is needed by the AC system to work efficiently. If there is no compressor, the car will not be cooled. The system is good for driving the car in the summer season.

3. Battery

Battery is used in storing the energy in the form of chemical. This energy is released by this car part in the form of electricity, which helps in running the electrical components of the car. Some of the things related to the car battery are as follows.

4. Battery Terminal

Battery terminal connects the battery to the electrical components of the car. Battery terminal are of three types, which include post or top, side, and L.

5. Cold Cranking Amps

This is a unit, which lets the people know about the amount of current that can be generated by the battery and is supplied to the car.

6. Group Size

It refers to the size of the battery.

7. AGM

AGM or absorbent glass mat is a type of design, which is used to absorb the sulphuric acid present in the battery. AGM prevents the spillage of sulphuric acid and helps in holding the charge better.

8. Alternator

This is a device present in the car is one such car part whose task is to generate electricity by converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy. The electrical energy is in the form of alternating current. This energy is supplied to the electrical system of the car. Another task of the alternator is to keep charging the battery through mechanical energy. This energy is generated due to the parts moving inside the car. If battery has some problems, people need to check their alternator, which is having faulty voltage. This voltage may have overcharged the battery and has affected its functionality.

9. Axle

Two axles are present in the car, which are known as front axle and rear axle. These axles help in supporting the car where the hubs of the wheel are attached to the car. Suspension system also consists of axles. The task of these axles is to transport the power from the engine to the wheels. The wheels are linked in such a way that they are able to handle the weight of the car.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the basic car parts that are used to drive it. Some more parts are brakes, shock absorbers, muffler, and many more. The car runs due to the combined efforts of all its parts. Thus, it is essential to take good care of each part and take your car to mechanic on time.

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