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UK’s Most Popular Car’s on the Road Right Now

Car is a necessity that everyone needs in life to freely and easily move to perform regular tasks. The car purchase trends in the United Kingdom were decreased in the previous year by 6 per cent and it was the same in the year 2019. The statistical figures of the past year suggest that diesel consumption is also decreased by 12 per cent. The new models of the cars that were introduced in the year were mostly the electric and hybrid cars which reduced the need for diesel as a fuel.

Following are the most popular cars on the UK’s roads right now.

  1. Ford Fiesta:

    Ford Fiesta was the most purchased car in 2018 and continued to be the same in the early quarters of 2019. It dominates the sales chart with the major margin to other cars. Ford fiesta’s every new model becomes the tempting purchase due to the continuous improvements Ford makes in its interior, system, quality and the new features that keep coming in the new models. Ford fiesta is a fuel-efficient and has the feature of personalizing. It has 10 different exterior colours and 7 interior colours that you can select from and get it highly personalized.

  1. Volkswagen Golf:

    Volkswagen Golf was the second bestselling car in the United Kingdom. It has seven exterior and four interior colours to choose from. Volkswagen golf has high technological items installed in it with the comfy interior that will surely help you have comfortable rides. Several tech features to connect your phone applications in the car gives you blind spot identifications on side mirrors as well as notifications for sunroof when the weather changes. You can purchase this car from Ashton car sales.

  1. Ford Focus:

    Ford Focus is the third car on the sales list for the most popular and purchased cars in the year. Ford Focus is a family car with 5 exterior colours to choose from. The focus of this car is the ease, comfort and most importantly improving the driving experience while you drive with the family. It has the features of adaptive cruise control, driver assist technology and Ford Co-Pilot 360. It has better lighting that helps you see the road around the bends at night.

  1. Vauxhall Corsa:

    Corsa is the second family car in the most popular and purchased cars of the year. It is a relatively small-sized car with all the features that make it easy to drive, safe, and energetic at the same time. It is a car to be driven in the city with high tech features in it. It is fuel-efficient and can help you in the rush hours. The interior also has high quality, its seats are contoured and help you sit comfortably while driving. It also has thermal technology windscreen that helps the ice to melt and side away in the winter season. As well as the steering wheel you will not find your hands getting cold in that weather while driving this car.

These are all the cars that were in the top-selling list in the UK in the following year. As their details tell about the innovation and extra features that are introduced in them while solving the major concerns of people. These are the reasons the cars could make their place in the leading categories.

4 Steps on Choosing the Roof Tiles


Choosing the roof tiles is mostly a task for people they do after several years. It takes about 10 years easily if the material used in it is sustainable and good. As it is a long term expense people often look for the dark-toned colours that will not be affected by the extreme weather. Weather on the area you live in also plays an important role in deciding the requirements of roof tiles. We have listed a few steps that we believe you must look into when you choose the roof tiles next time.

Following are the steps that you can follow to choose the tiles for your rooftop.

1. Explore the Options

 When you have to choose the roof tiles the first and foremost thing is the selection of the tile. As the roof will be affected by all the seasonal changes and weather conditions. Therefore, you need to decide accordingly, a tile that is water-resistant and can bear all the changes. And to choose that you need to visit all the good stores in the market to know about the trend, variety and more options. Clay and Moroccan tiles in London are considered the most suitable tiles for roof tiling.

2. Select Design and Color

As the internal and external both the areas are decorated and planned with some individualistic inspiration. The roof tiles must need to be aligned with the overall décor. So that it does not turn out looking something entirely different. Roof tiles bear the weight of all the ice that stays on it all the wintertime. So you just need to make sure it is not weak enough to break or leak when you decide the design. Colour of the roof would go according to the other colours in the home theme.

3. Sustainable Material

The material being used in the tiles you selected must be a sustainable one that can stay for a longer period. Although, it depends on the individualistic strategy of home décor. If you will be changing it next year or you want to keep it as long as it works well. If the second one is your option then you should select some timeless and classic design while looking for the material that will not be damaged easily.

4. Look for technicalities

The last step you should follow to select the roof tiles in the design you selected like the roof pitch, headlap, coverage, thermal efficacy, weight, layers and fixing it will require. You need to make sure that to make it sustainable you do not take the high weight tiles as the walls underneath have to support it so it should be bearable and light for them. Moreover, you can also look for compatible accessories and the ease in installation.

At the end, when you are done with following all the above-mentioned steps for choosing the roof tiles. Then the next thing you can do is to hire the professional staff as they are experienced in doing the job will help you get it done efficiently.

How to Create Competitive Analysis of Your Social Media Campaigns

Presently, with the advancement of technology most, the business promotions have been shifted online. And for these social media platforms are being used to increase sales and to promote the business or products. So while you are doing any business it is very important to design your marketing strategy accordingly. Yes for this you can also check other company’s strategies which they are using. Keep in mind that online promotion strategy should be changed from time to time. The same promotional strategy will never allow you to get successful. So you have to keep on finding different and innovative ways so that you might remain in the competition. Here in this article, we are discussing ways to create a competitive analysis of your social media campaign.

1. Analyze the scope of the competitor’s strategy:

While creating a social media marketing strategy first thing that you have to consider is to analyze the scope of a competitor’s strategy. Before making your strategy, it is very important to know how other people are making their strategy. What are the good and bad points in your competitive strategy? After noticing all the points, now you have designed your own customized promotional strategy to promote your goods and services.

2. Analyze the role of social media platforms:

Other than that now you have to decide which platform you can easily choose for providing the customer services. And for this, you should prefer to do alliance with anyone platform so that you would resolve all your customers’ problem and make them satisfied with. We can see some of the biggest brands actually they have made the strategy for choosing specific platforms for promoting their products and services. While on the other side, they have decided that they have to deal with customers and on a certain social media platform. Just like you can simply choose Facebook and Instagram for promoting your products and Twitter to resolve customer’s issues and complains this will make it easy for both you and your customers as they will know where they have to go and for what purpose.

3. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of competitors:

After that, the next thing that you have to do is to access your competitor’s strength and weaknesses and then accordingly decide your marketing and promotional strategy during social media campaigns. This will help you to identify the loopholes or gaps so that you would take advantage of that and earn a competitive edge. While doing so you have to consider the following things:

  • Look for what strategy is applied by everyone and which points are left so that you would fill it up.
  • Next you should see which tactic everyone is applying but still, there is a loophole that you can simply cover and create a competitive edge.

4. Identify the customers respond to competitor’s strategy:

The next thing that you should prefer to do while creating competitive analyses of your social media campaigns is to identify how customers are responding to your competitor’s marketing strategy. After seeing the response of customers now analyze what are the loopholes that you can cover in your strategy to gain a competitive edge and then accordingly make your strategy.