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8 Ways To Save Money While Traveling

Traveling is so much fun. You get to make so many memories, connect with new people, rekindle relationships, and a break from the monotonous life. But with vacation comes the budgeting. Nothing is for free, and if you don’t plan your holiday before then, you end up spending unnecessary money. With little creativity and strategy, you can save lots of money.

Here are 8 Ways of Saving Money While Traveling

  1. Look for free activities

Some places conduct events, workshops, and activities for free. You have to research what activities are happening near the area you are staying in. Look for Facebook groups where they promote such an event. You can also look at their community calendars, which will also give you detailed information with timings and location of the event happening. Often at museums, they organize a “pay what you can” day once a week. Instead of hiring a guided tour, do your research and explore yourself. Use sites like Rough Guides, Smarter Travel that show a different perspective of traveling with a personal touch. These sites show you the city from a different perspective that tour guides won’t tell you or show you. Each country and city has many things that don’t cost you a dime, take advantage of those things. Most cities have walking tours for free that is worth joining.

  1. Book a room with cooking amenities

Instead of booking yourself a hotel accommodation, book for places that allow you to cook your meals. Room service can be expensive, and ordering a cup of coffee or tea to your room is spending money. Instead, you can prepare your breakfast and lunch, eat-in, store the leftovers in the fridge and have a fancy dinner. Stay at Airbnb or Bed-and-breakfast that offers complimentary breakfast, has all the necessary amenities for cooking, and will give you a local experience. This way, you make sure that you eat healthily and balance it with splurging in the evenings. For a unique experience, book places like Canopy Under the Stars that offer you a splendid experience, it’s affordable and much cheaper than a hotel. Rooms which are a little far from the city and main attractions are cheaper. So, if you are traveling in a group, you can split the fare of the place and cab.

  1. Carry snacks/water during outings

It is tempting to see the fancy cafes and restaurants you pass by while traveling. Especially if you are on vacation with kids, it will drive you crazy in buying them all kinds of fancy snacks. So, in this case, be smart and carry your snacks. Whenever you or your kids get the need for fuel, grab your granola bars, cookies, or nuts. Also, bring your own water. Buying bottled water now and then it is expensive and a lot of plastic too. This way, you save spending money on silly snacks and do your bit for the environment too.

  1. Transportation

Taking cabs to reach from one place to another every day adds up to one significant amount. So, the first step towards saving on transportation is to choose a location where public transport is easily accessible. If you are staying at the central location, the subway, bus, or train should be a walkable distance. Many cities have the facility of renting a cycle or bike, which is also very affordable. Places like Paris, Berlin, and London where it’s very sophisticated, remember to split the fare if you are taking a cab with your fellow traveler.

  1. Go off-season

Traveling off-season will get you guaranteed cheap flights and hotels. It is more fun because the places would be less crowded, and you will get your choice of seats on flights. The tourist attractions would be less crowded, and sometimes they are cheaper at these times. During the peak season, they keep their rates high. The only thing you will have to research is whether the tourist spots open or not.

  1. Create a budget and stick to it

Have a budget for traveling. So, when you decide on a destination, you know how much you can splurge. Also, when you finalize on a destination, be flexible with the dates. Book a date which is cheaper than the rest. Generally, the rates are higher on weekends than on weekdays. Based on your budget, book your rooms, flights, and shopping. It is a great way to keep things on track.

  1. Shopping

Everyone likes to shop when on vacation, something locals, like a souvenir. And sometimes you get carried away with some sales or discount and end up spending all the money. When you go out for shopping, buy things which you won’t find back home, and you really need it. Also, look for its price online because sometimes it is cheaper and on discount online. Some tourist destinations have stores lined up with the same kind of stuff. So, check out a few stores to compare the prices before you make the final purchase.

  1. Shop at local stores

Being on vacation doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Cook your own food if you are staying in like an apartment. So, for cooking, buy food from the farmer’s market, which is much cheaper than a supermarket rate. Also, this will give you an idea of their local cuisine, and you get to taste them without visiting fancy restaurants. Buy some local veggies and fish and cook it with your partner in your apartment.


Traveling is always fun because of the surprises it holds for you. Don’t stress too much about the perfection of the trip, instead plan to use the above tips, and you are going to make lots of memories. Be prepared for any additional expenses by keeping some extra cash. In case you are planning for a road trip, then install roof racks on your vehicle to have enough space for carrying your luggage.


8 Best Beaches in the World to Party in your 20s

The ’20s are the best and prime time in your life. You are free of responsibilities, no job, no kids, and no commitments. The world is your oyster, and you have got that adrenaline rush in you to party around. You practically live to party and live a life of no regrets. Choosing a party destination with so many options to choose from can be tricky. But we have got the best beach destinations covered for you. So, here are the eight beaches curated, especially for the party animal in you, in your 20s.

1. Palolem Beach Goa

Goa is a popular party destination. It’s chilled out, and the party vibe welcomes people from all parts of the world. The region has dense greenery, long stretches of coast and beaches. One beach that you must visit is the Palolem beach, which is famous for its traditional way of life, unmatched activities, and relaxed vibe. Go canoeing or trekking and get your pulse rates high. If you are in your 20’s, then visit this place for the wild trance parties that they host every year.

2. Bondi Beach Sydney

December is one of the best times to visit Sydney for holidays and other occasions. Bondi Beach is famous for its long stretch of fine sand and beautiful waves, which makes it an iconic destination. This beach has public showers where you can wash off the sand after a lovely swim. Take a stroll along the beach early morning and have breakfast at one of the cafes. Along with the cafes, this beach has many huts, trees, and organized events like fireworks and music festivals that will make your evening happening.

3. Kutu Beach Bali

If you are a lover of surfing, then Bali is the place to visit. Bali is a beautiful and economic tropical island. Kuttu beach is a center of attraction for party lovers in Bali. You will experience a stunning culinary adventure, the world-class food scene like no other. They have many surfing camps, which makes it perfect for beginners too for practicing. Party lovers will enjoy the parties on this beach as they go the whole night. This place also offers a variety of clubs to hang around based on your budget.

4. Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos Beach Greece

Mykonos Beach Greece

This cosmopolitan island, Greece, is a paradise for college students and families. Mykonos is the main attraction in Greece due to its glamorous parties. Enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset at the beach from the historic windmill dating back to the 16th century. Enjoy your drinks with your friends, chilling on the lounge chairs, and make the most of your 20s.

5. Koh Phangan Thailand

Koh Phangan is the fifth most significant island in Thailand spread over a 167sqkm vast area. This beach is famous for its excellent parties with people from all around the world dancing to the tune. Party under a full moon night with people painted in neon paints makes this beach party livelier than the rest. Make memories and click amazing pictures of the fire dancers that grace these parties, along with incredible drinks. Test your taste buds by trying out the satisfying Thai food and other incredible cuisines available around the beach. You can also try your culinary skills by learning to cook Thai food.

6. Miami Beach Florida

Miami beach

Miami beach

Miami Beach is all about white sand, serene blue water, coastal resorts, and crazy parties. Stay at one of its vintage hotels, and you will find the most exquisite dining, spas, and nightlife experience at the Miami Beach. Miami beach’s nightlife is full of DJ’s playing their electro-music and people partying nonstop. The unique designs of some exclusive clubs also attract people in their 20s.

7. Cornwall, England

Cornwall beach England

Cornwall beach England

Cornwall beach is one of the best beaches in England. It is famous for its uniques events like surfing festival and music festival that happens every year in August for five days. You will get to see surfers and skaters compete during this festival with loud music playing in the background played by the best DJs. This place is a full-on party atmosphere with drinks, rides, and food served in the event.

8. San Juan Del Sur Nicaraguan

Nicaraguan is a charming fishing village and a magnet for sunbathers and surfers. Visit the Sam Juan Del Sur beach for its horse riding, yoga retreats, and hiking activities along with your overnight parties. There are many surf clubs where you can get an expert instructor if you are a beginner at surfing. Have fun while learning to catch a wave with other surfers making it a thrilling experience altogether. The night clubs and beachfront bars keep this place high at night. For making the most out of the beach love, join the dirt biking activity around the beach. The parties, with music and cheap drinks, make this one of the coolest destinations for someone in their 20s.


The mentioned places are the eight best beaches in the world to party in your 20s. It gives immense satisfaction to travel to your desired destination with your loved ones and make memories. Stick the memory of the place you visited on your carte du monde à gratter after scratching off the place. Make your visit worthwhile by making new friends, experiencing different cultures, and getting a new perspective towards life.

Top 5 Safest Places to Visit in Africa in 2019

Traveling involves embracing the mother earth in its purest forms. From lush green forests to snow-packed mountains, everything seems tranquil on an exploration. If you’re a travel freak, you know the trouble of choosing one of the innumerable destinations to consider. For all the people who want a little bit of everything, Africa is the right place. Filled with beautiful plains as well as peaceful islands, the continent is one of the safest places to explore. There’s no limit to the hidden treasures in Africa. So, don’t wait, experience the cultural antiquities of Kenya and the urban city buff of Mauritius today.

Keep reading to know the safest places in Africa that you must head off to on your next voyage.

Stupendous Nightlife Of Mauritius

Stupendous Nightlife Of Mauritius

Stupendous Nightlife Of Mauritius

One of the safest places in Africa is this island nation filled with beaches and corals. Mauritius is the dream destination for most travelers. The places hold some of the unique reefs and a flora that speaks for itself. Port Louis, the famous port of Mauritius is considered a safe and secure region for both locals as well as tourists. The tourist season begins in May and goes on till the chilly November. All the nature buffs must visit the Black Water Gorges National Park and meet the rare species as well as plants. Home to the endemic species, this park is highly diverse and lush green.

Overall, Mauritius possesses the capability to be the best place you’ve explored till now, So, pack your bags and head out now.

Explore Historical Vibes Of Tanzania

Explore Historical Vibes Of Tanzania

Explore Historical Vibes Of Tanzania

Another unique destination in the continent is Tanzania, a country filled with brine waters. With an enormous number of beaches, Tanzania is a place that you must visit at least once. With a semi-autonomous archipelago, the country has a lot to offer. From beautiful beaches to history that’s quite ancient and worth exploring, Tanzania will leave you spell-bound. You can experience an amazing architecture as well as Moorish culture in the country. Also, enjoy the unique delicacies like sea-food and sandy sea-shores. There’s also some mountain scenery at the Mount Kilimanjaro waiting to be explored.

Research a bit and book your tickets to this island nation in Africa to get some pure beach vibes.

Stargazing Amidst The Crowds Of Namibia

Stargazing Amidst The Crowds Of Namibia

Stargazing Amidst The Crowds Of Namibia

If there’s one region in Africa with a maximum number of desserts, then that has to be Namibia. The country will give you everything you need. From successful road trips on Kawasaki Motorcycles Australia to breath-taking stargazing during peaceful hours, Namibia has it all. You can also enjoy a few adventure-filled activities here. Fly in the sky with sky-diving or take over the roads with some quad biking on the premises.

The region is safe for tourists and proves to be one of the best in the continent. Don’t think twice before going on a trip to this ecstatic gem of Africa.

Gaze At The Rich Fauna Of Uganda

Gaze At The Rich Fauna Of Uganda

Gaze At The Rich Fauna Of Uganda


For all the travelers who wish to see some unique wildlife and rare animals, Uganda is the best place. Also, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the region. Being the country filled with greenery and tranquillity, Uganda is home to innumerable animals. From exploring luxuries of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to boating along the clean lakes, you can enjoy almost everything here.

The main attraction of this place is the huge gorillas. If you wish to see the gorillas in their natural form as well as the environment, then you must book your tickets to Uganda today.

Biodiverse Islands Of Seychelles

If there’s one safe island nation in Africa that has the most urban vibes, then that has to be Seychelles. The place is safe for both the locals as well as tourists. With a stable government and royal resorts, you will surely have the best time in the country. Being another island nation, the region is filled with brine waters and sea-food. You can also swim amidst the waves but beware of the tides as they’re quite frequent in this part of the continent.

Overall, Seychelles is yet another safe place in Africa that will leave you speechless. With some highly advanced hotels to peaceful beaches, you will find it all here.

Final Verdict

While traveling, one thing that you must not compromise on is safety. Always look out for the places that are safe for tourists. One such safe place to visit is the African continent. Being home to more than 25 countries, the continent offers everything to travelers. From swimming along the waters in Seychelles to experiencing some rich nightlife in Mauritius, Africa provides a fun-packed holiday to everybody. So, stop over-thinking and explore the hidden gems of Africa on your next trip.