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Top 5 Career Options For Car Lovers

People passionate about automobiles are in luck because they have a great chance of finding a career that will make them happy and offer financial stability as well. It is a growing industry that is not showing any signs of slowing down which means that it has a lot of career opportunities to offer.

Whether you are interested in the engineering of the automobiles or their design or their features or any other aspect of the cars you will be able to find a career option and become part of the industry you are passionate about. Before you decide to take MOT classes in UK you need to figure out what career path you want to take.

Here are some of the best career options available to car lovers.


If you are interested in the working of the car and the parts that are present under the hood then becoming a mechanic is an excellent career option. The mechanics get to take a look at the engine and other parts of the car, identify the problems and find solutions. When you become a mechanic you have a variety of job options. You can start working with a dealership service center, municipal garage, and local garage and if you want then you can open up your garage after getting some experience.

A restorer:

If you like paying attention to the details and are highly interested in the design of the cars then becoming a restorer is a good career choice for you. When you are restorer you will get to work with new and old car models. Restoring car to their former glory is a satisfying process.


If you love cars and are interested in the design of cars and have plenty of ideas about better designs then become a designer is a great choice of career. You can use your creativity and precise drawing skills to create a working prototype. By becoming a designer you can make a huge impact on the future designs of the vehicles.

Car salesperson:

Becoming a car salesperson is a good career option. There are so many car dealerships where you can find a good job. You can choose a dealership that sells your favorite brand and you will surround yourself with the best and newest models. You can help people in finding a good car. You can also use your passion and knowledge of the automotive industry to help people in finding the parts they need. If you have a business degree then you can also manage a store or open up your own.

Automotive journalist:

You can use your passion and knowledge of the automotive industry and become a journalist. The journalists get to share their knowledge and expert opinion with other people. As an automotive journalist, you get to research the automobiles, keep up with industry trends, and write about the latest automobile technology and the newest cars. As an automotive journalist, you will also get a chance to become a part of exciting events and interview important people of the industry.

How To Become An Automotive Mechanic

Actually, you should know that you have to be well educated for becoming the automotive mechanic. As we all know that with the technological progression automotive industry have become very advanced. So the mechanical procedures have changed for which technicians should have enough knowledge. Actually highly educated technicians will be able to read graphics and are also capable of operating a variety of unconventional diagnostic equipment or tools. There are so many automotive technical schools present all over the country. Which are training people by offering a variety of courses for entry-level employment of people in the automotive field. So people who want to become technician should firstly get the required education. Here in this article we are discussing about how to become automatic mechanic.

Five Steps to Become a Mechanic

Here we are discussing about the steps which you have to take in becoming an automotive mechanic;

1. Finish Your High School Education

First of all you have to finish your high school diploma or else complete the GED. Actually, you will be liable to get this basic education to get enrolled in a training program of the automotive certificate or degree. For high school students program is available named Automotive Youth Education Services. Other than you can get a basic high school education. This program will offer you academic and basic training in the automotive technology.

2. Get Yourself Enrolled In a Vocational Program

So after finishing your high school education people who want to become an automotive technician have to do several trainings. So you get yourself enrolled in some vocational schools, VTAA cccreditation institutes, Automobile manufacturers and community colleges. So yes, after finishing the course you will get the award of associate’s degrees. Or else you will get the certificates for passing the examination of these training programs.

3. Prefer To Obtain a Certification In Eight Areas

Now after that you have to get the certificate from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Basically, this is an organization that will offer certification to its students in eight different Specialty areas. So people who want to become the automotive technician are liable to get certification in areas like engine restoration, brake systems, heating and air-conditioning, steering and electrical structures.

4. Get Some Experience To Work With the Employer

Now after that you have to get the employer training in the area of mechanics that will last for a couple of months. During this time period you will be liable to work with the automotive workers, lubricant workers or with the trainee technicians. Other than working with the team you are liable to learn how you have to work independently. And this will be the part of your training course. Keep in mind that area in which you have got the training will help you to demonstrate your future value. Other than that your overall performance level will help you to demonstrate your skill level. The certificates it issued by the National Institute for ASE.

5. Finish Certification To Become Automotive Mechanic

Lastly, you should know that you can become master mechanic in automotive industry only when you will get the certification in all the eight Specialty areas that will be offered by ASE.