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What Are The Special Things That Take Audi Q7 Out Of The park

Want to be reliable and superlative? Follow the footsteps of Audi Q7

No, it is not about just transportation as it was. I am not like early day’scars who were used just as a conveyance, it is technology age and I am facing as much challenging situations and competition as every human does. Being superlative among all updated and strong rival is not a piece of cake. You have no idea how hard it is to be best.

How I maintain my place in top auto motives from past many years is a long story. But here I am telling you my all those specs and features with whom my manufacturer made me a master piece.

Introduction of Audi Q7

Well, let me introduce you myself first. It is Audi Q7, I am a SUV and ruled on automobile world from November 2005, because of Quattro four wheel drive system I was named Q. When someone is looking for a powerful vehicle with classy interior along with lavish looks the first thing comes in their mind is SUV and when they start looking for the best in SUV’s, all of them are stuck on a four ring badge which I have on my forehead.

Where the badge of these four rings is a symbol of standard and comfort, their I feel it like a crown for myself. My manufacturer Audi is one of the most reliable and trustworthy make of automobile world who have an impressive value of its name in the world of automobile and introduces many quality engines from past many years.

Do you think it is an easy job to maintain someone’s name in competitive market and meet their expectations like they want, not only this but also to provide quality and standard for your consumer as well? If you think it is, than you are wrong because it is not that much easy as it is sounds like.

My engines are my real strength

It has been up to 12 years since I have been serving my worthy users, what make me that much strong and reliable are nothing but my loyal engines. From November 2005 till today’s date, my make updated me with quality petrol and diesel engines with a variety of potentials.

I had 3.6 FSI (VR6) and 4.2 FSI (V8) petrol engines who were proficientenough to make respectively 280 and 350 horsepower along with the standard of 320 pound-foot of torque. And when it comes to the diesel engine I am still matchless. I had and have 3.0, 4.2 and 6.0 litre turbocharged direct injection diesel engines.

In 3.0 litre Q7 TDI diesel engine I serve my riders with 230 and 237 horsepower along with 269 and 406 pound-foot of torque. But with 4.2 and 6.0 litre TDI diesel engine you can enjoy the pleasure of 322, 493 horsepower with 561and 738 pound-foot of torque respectively.

These powerful pieces of metals always like metallic wings for me. Without them I was not able to fly not only on roads but also towards the peak of fame and success.

One, looking for safety and reliability should come to me

Powerful engines with standard quality horsepower and torque are not enough to compete updated rivals. It is time to compete them on every ground of rivalry. In reliability with easiness in drive along with in all safety features as well as in infotainment segments.

I proudly claim to be the best among all my competitors because of my all quality features. In 2015 I got five stars from Euro NCAP and the Insurance Institute for Highway safety gave me Top Safety Pick award in 2017 and the highest rating of good in five individual crash tests.

I always prefer my driver’s self over mine and safety & security of my consumers means a lot for me which is why I am loaded with many quality safety features for security and peace of mind of my rider including a night vision camera with which I am able to sense walkers and all other hurdles to help inavoid hitting them, an active lane keep assistance also available; which automatically lead me back in my lane if I drifts out and a front ward crash warning system who works up to speeds of 52 mph and scans the road ahead for other automobiles and hikers wandering on my track. If this system senses a collision is about to happen, it will apply the brakes automatically.

There is not even a single thing with which my rider feels unsafe with me.

I Audi Q7 is an alternative meaning of comfort and luxury

For being a SUV, it is my responsibility to be comfortable, easy to drive and should provide a luxurious feel to my rider by my interior. Not saying big words but the quality of performance and lavish interior I offer to my driver along with awesome road grip and smooth drive is really second to none. I am not going to tell you all other premium specs of mine, if you want to know more about myself, come and get me. I will show you the rest of my quality features and awesome on and off the road performance.

The Best New Cars of 2018 So Far

The summer of 2018 is going hotter and hotter thus the best cars offered in the UK

2018 is more than half gone and the summer is almost reaching its end as well. With this in mind, this is the time to look into the market and see what best new cars have been introduced in the UK market.

There were some real crackers came for the test drive and they were successfully selected for the list of the best cars of 2018. There are almost all major makes in the list of best cars of 2018. Let’s start with the Ford Fiesta ST 2018.

Ford Fiesta ST

It is not something awkward or strange to understand that a ford can lead the market because they are leading the market more than a decade with its Fiesta hatchback. The 2018 Fiesta ST has a 1.5 litres 3 cylinder turbocharged and been powered by Ford EcoBoost engine. In fact, it is one of the smallest engines in the ford engines family. It makes the Fiesta hatchback even more affordable and fuel economical. The new Fiesta looks like a small luxury and sounds like a Porsche 911. It is like the faster you drive, the better you ride and enjoy.

Jaguar I-Pace

The I Pace is a real threat for the German competitors with its fully electric powertrain. It is ready to take on the Tesla models S. the power figures are compelling with its 400hp power and 256 lb-ft of torque. It makes 62 miles per hour in just 4.8 seconds when pushed from the standstill. According to the automaker, the WLTP range is 298 miles and if it makes this then the game is over for all other automakers. The I Pace is exciting to own and it is a real head turner.

Volvo XC40

The Volvo is a Latin word means I ROLL, it keeps the Swedish brand rolling where the first XC90, then XC60 and now XC40 came in with the most attractive design and excellently balanced SUV. It has a truly Swedish interior and Volvo’s radically designed body appeals to the customers more than the German models do.

Hyundai i30 N

Hyundai hired the former head of the BMW M division and he is now leading the project of the i30 N. Under his supervision and great expertise, the i30N would be a success. It was the thinking of the experts before the launch of the model. But they were wrong, it is more than their expectations. It sits at the top of the best hatches available in the market so far. The i30 N drives like a Ford Fiesta and luxurious like a Volvo.

Aston Martin Vantage

The all-new Vantage is a real Aston Martin even with the 510hp Mercedes engine. The Audi R8 and McLaren 540C are the real competitors with 195 miles per hour speed but it still makes 62 miles per hour in only 3.6 seconds. Aston Martin Vantage would again be the best car by the UK automakers and just like its siblings, it would be one of the most popular vehicles in the UK. The Aston Martin Vantage has also been introduced in 2018.

Volkswagen Up GTI

This little rocket from the German automaker VW has excellent demand. And has been temporarily put off from its order books. While the work on sourcing more models in the UK is on its way because it is expected that the demand for this model would be high. It is surprisingly a spiritual successor of the Golf GTI. And it is such a balanced car with all the good boxes ticked. It is really fun to drive.

McLaren Senna

The McLaren Senna is a road legal vehicle in the UK and it is in demand. But unfortunately, it was called for limited production of only 500 models and all of them are already spoken for. Every unit of the Senna is worth not less than £750,000 in the UK. It has some astonishing figures on the power tables where it cranks more than 800hp and 520lb-ft of torque. It has more than 800kg of downforce when runs at 155 miles per hour.

Jaguar Land Rover Tumbles amid Brexit Impact Estimations

Things are not going in favor of Land Rover, as it seems

In the aftermath of the UK’s Brexit referendum, numerous uncertainties have raised their heads which have caught the attention of many. A significant drop in the value of the British pound has brought instantaneous effects on almost every field including imports and exports and the auto industry is no exception.

In fact, the automotive market in the UK has suffered a hard-hit. This effect has influenced the investments adversely and has erected trade barriers and tariffs. This, in turn, leading to the shutting down of plants. All the British automakers are in troubled waters and the Jaguar Land Rover is one of them.

Jaguar Land Rover



The Jaguar Land Rover is one of the most illustrious automobile manufacturer of executive vehicles worldwide.

The expertise of this UK based automaker in manufacturing four-wheel-drive vehicles is unquestionable. The Jaguar Land Rover has a reputation of fashioning luxurious and executive vehicles which are second to none in terms of their appeal and stature.

A formal warning by the auto-giant

Being conscious about how things are unfolding, a document containing dire warnings has been submitted to US financial regulator, Securities and Exchange Commission, by the Land Rover. According to the reports by ITV Central News, this document is based on the consequences that Land Rover is expecting due to Brexit.

It is said that the Jaguar Land Rover thinks that being a British company, it will not be able to compete effectively in the international automotive industry if the UK walks out of the single market without striking a good trade deal.

Moreover, the company’s pension shortfall has amplified from £0.5 billion to a staggering £1.46 billion, thanks to the toppled investments under Brexit pressure.

What consequences do the company fear?

It is also reported that the firm has formally requested the concerned authorities repeatedly that in case UK leaves the EU, the company UK government should not impose tariffs on car parts imports or exports.

From a neutral point of view, Land Rover is very much true in its concerns because Brexit is set to garner its competitors in Europe a huge competitive advantage. Without striking appropriate trade deals, the company would be in shambles and can go bankrupt. But if in a case, you need a used or reconditioned Jaguar engine, it can be easily available in the market.

No more jewel in the crown of British auto industry?

Land Rover has a widespread recognition all over the world and is rightly called the jewel in the crown of British manufacturing. However, as the events occurring, the jewel seems to be facing tough times and a potential economic storm is heading its way. Therefore, if concerned authorities do not take these uncertainties serious, the consequences can be terrible.

Addressing to such state of affairs, the Member of Parliament Jack Dromey commented: “Hundreds of thousands of workers may now pay the price with their jobs. Jaguar Land Rover has done everything possible to engage with the Government and has been very reluctant to speak out but increasingly they are despairing of the direction of travel of the Government.”

Hard Brexit could cost Jaguar Land Rover £1.2B

Jaguar Land Rover is the UK’s largest car manufacturer, yet it is deep uncertainty and jobs of thousands of people are at risk. The exit of the UK from EU single market would mean Jaguar Land Rover have to pay £1.2 billion every year under the bracket of tariffs.

This is a massively huge sum and can potentially collapse the financial base of the company. A return towards certainty would be the ideal condition for the company in order to revitalize the productions along with providing job security to the employees. UK government needs to take action before it is too late.

How Social Media Works in Cars?

Social media services in infotainment systems of cars

In the beginning it was early days when vehicles and cars were used just for transportation but in modern time’s cars are not just a medium of transportation any more. Sometimes it may also help to maintain your status in your social circle and society.

Everyone wants to have the best cars, not only with engine performance but also with its looks and classy interior along with all other features of latest gadgets and infotainment system. For being in the competition of top automotive makes, every manufacturer tries and works hard day and night.

They launch lavish models every year which undoubtedly are better than the last ones. In every model manufacturers introduced something new and special. They update infotainment system as well as interior and looks of their new models.

Infotainment systems in latest cars

Infotainment system of any car plays an important role now a days, well it is not 1980 where driver and passengers are happy with just a radio system and cassette player in cars. It is the time of technology, where man has reached the moon and is looking forward to conquer other planets; people want all the latest technology features in their vehicles for which manufacturers are continuously working for.

In every new model all makes update infotainment system for being best and now it is time of iOS and android apps in cars, which somehow are beneficial as well as have drawbacks. You are now able to use Facebook, twitter and many other social media services with the help of these apps.

Usage of internet while driving

Usage of internet while driving

Usage of internet while driving

Whenever you saw a driver looking at its mobile phone while driving, it is no longer hard to assume that he is texting or using internet. A research from AT&T proves that about 4 in 10 smartphone consumers check into social media although they are driving and almost 3 in 10 surf the internet while surprisingly 1 in every 10 is busy in video chats on its mobile phone.

It shows that every 7 out of 10 people are busy in smartphone activities while they are driving. Texting and emailing are still the most dominant part. So many other smartphone activities behind the steering have now become common these days.

Among all social media platforms Facebook surely tops the list with more than a quarter of all those who were interviewed using the app while driving. About 2 out of 10 accept that they are on Twitter while they are driving their car.

Integration of social media with infotainment system of cars

Integration of social media with infotainment system of cars

Integration of social media with infotainment system of cars

Social media combined in to the infotainment system of cars is better than looking at your mobile phone while driving your car all the time. Now you are able to tweet or retweet, check all your notifications of Facebook, update your status andpictures through android or CarPlay apps which your vehicles have now a days. But, do you think it is a good idea?

Carmakers including Honda, Toyota, Audi,Hyundai, Fiat, Ford, Suzuki, VW, Volvo, Ferrari and Mercedes have already begun to merge social media into their associated car presents.

All these services are usually placed into dashboard systems, permitting motorists to send and receive updates on Facebook, Twitter and all other social media services which most of the time using vocal commands to operate.

How safe it is to drive your car while connecting with social media?

Just for being in the competition automotive makes introduced a feature with which no one is capable anymore to pay attention on road and drive properly. Do you think you can handle your car on a highway when you are at high speed and receiving updates and notifications from your twitter or Facebook account? This feature is not safe nor do some people appreciate it.

Safety concerns

Everyone knows that sending or receiving updates on social media or texting is really dangerous while driving but still many people commit this serious mistake. Driving a vehicle is pretty much complex work which requires always a high level of attention. A small disruption and flaw at high speed on road may cause a severe disaster.

According to engine trust report by Katherine Ryan in 2015, 26,300 deaths were registered in EU due to driving accidents, while in 2016 32,675 losses were verified for the same reason. In another study, it was stated that 38% of the victims claimed to be caught by an accident or had come close to being in a crash while driving when they were using a mobile phone or another same kind of technology.

Though we all are educated and know the level of risk using these applications while driving but still we want such kind of distractive apps and features in our vehicles on the name of technology.