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New School Meets Old School When You Buy Traditional Fireplaces Online

There are few things sweeter than combining the sweet, nostalgic feeling of years gone by with the benefits of modern society. It can seem at times as though we must pick between the simple joys of the past and the instant gratification of the present, but this isn’t always true. Having the best of both worlds can be possible, and whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too clearly never tried to Buy Traditional Fireplaces Online. It is one of those rare instances where new and old come together for a benefit you would not want to miss.

Traditional fireplaces have come to symbolize a simpler time when people weren’t glued to a screen all day long and actually gathered around a roaring fire to spend time with one another or crack open a good book. It gave people a chance to spend precious family time together or get to know their neighbor better while relieving themselves from the cold weather at their front door. While the world as we know it has changed greatly since those days, one thing that hasn’t is the enjoyment we get from the company of others. That’s what helps make buying a traditional fireplace such a worthwhile investment, and getting one through the convenience of online shopping makes it easier than ever to get a wood burning fireplace of your own.

The benefits of owning a traditional fireplace extend far beyond the warmth that it brings into your home. It makes for the perfect centerpiece of a room, creating an unbeatable ambiance that will draw people in and perhaps even convince them to put their phones away for a few minutes. The iconic image of happy people gathered around a crackling fireplace with hot cocoa in their hands and their loved ones at their side is not exclusive to those who are lucky enough to stay at 5-star ski lodges. This is a common reality for anyone who has the available space and money to add a fireplace of their very own. I don’t know what it is, but there is just something about the sound and smell of burning wood that helps melt our troubles away and allows us to enjoy the peacefulness of the moment. You can even get a jumpstart your relaxation by choosing to buy traditional fireplaces online and do your shopping from the comforts of your couch or bed.

Online retailers like Embers Living have realized that people still crave a taste of the good old days and they have made it very convenient to get your fill as quick and affordable as possible. With online shopping, you can save yourself the hassle of getting dressed and driving to the store where you will be surrounded by fellow shoppers competing to find the same product as you and pushy salespeople who are more concerned with turning a profit than helping you find your ideal fireplace. Shopping on the World Wide Web allows you to compare prices from a vast selection that will dwarf any physical store. The web also makes it incredibly easy to find and read reviews from fellow buyers who have firsthand experience with the products you are looking to buy.

Embers Living is a great place to start your search if you are looking to buy traditional fireplaces online at an affordable cost. They have an impressive selection of premium wood burning fireplaces – plus other great products that will come in handy this winter – and a knowledgeable staff that has been providing excellent customer service since 2011. Order your brand new traditional wood burning fireplace at or call them at 805-952-5440.

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4 Reasons to Buy Linear Fireplaces This Winter

Picture this: You and your loved ones are snuggled close on the couch. Outside the temperature is dropping to unbearably cold degrees, and yet everyone is feeling so warm that some are probably removing layers of clothing. The mood inside is great, everyone is relaxed, and things couldn’t get any better. This is a reality for people who Buy Linear Fireplaces, an enjoyable ambiance that is sure to melt your heart and the frost off your bones.

Warmth and an unbeatable atmosphere are not the only advantages provided by wood burning fireplaces, however. Other benefits of these must-have fireplaces that you won’t want to miss out on include…

Perfect Blend of Convenience and Authenticity

Linear fireplaces provide certain benefits you won’t find with traditional, wood burning fireplaces. Linear options can be either gas or electric powered; all you need to get them started is a connection to your gas line or an outlet. Instead of having to go out and buy or chop your own wood, linear fireplaces create instant heat and satisfaction with just the flip of a switch or press of a button. They also don’t sacrifice the authenticity found with real fireplaces – gas options provide real flames that are aesthetically pleasing, while some electric options capture the authentic sound of burning firewood. You can even use your electric fireplace to improve a room’s ambiance in the summer without it getting too hot.

Easily Installable

The great thing about linear fireplaces is that they can seamlessly fit into a home of any size. Their sleek frame makes it easy and safe to add into any building material. Wood burning fireplaces require your house to have an existing chimney for ventilation, whereas linear ones are direct-vent fireplaces, meaning they exit out of exterior walls. They are perfect for spicing up a bland, unused wall space with a modern look that will quickly become your family’s favorite gathering spot. In fact, some people love the look and easy installation so much that they choose to Buy Linear Fireplaces for every room in their home, which is not as crazy as it sounds because…

They Allow You to Cut Down Your Heating Costs

Gas linear fireplaces quickly heat up the room they are in, so having multiple options in your home will let you say goodbye to your central heating and focus on warming up the rooms you want. Many people find the idea of zone heating much more practical and a more efficient use of their money. If you are looking to save your pennies anyway you can, then this is certainly an option you should consider.

Require Minimal Effort to Maintain

Traditional fireplaces require a lot of time and energy to keep clean after every use, making sure not miss any debris or ashes. Going too long between inspections of a traditional fireplace can make them unusable and can sometimes negatively impact your home insurance. These concerns are not found with linear options because they are safe to touch or fall asleep in front of should you get a little too relaxed while enjoying the fire. There is nothing to clean up once you are done using it, and at most need to be checked once a year.

Where Can You Buy Linear Fireplaces?

If you are ready to enjoy the benefits listed above, then the experts at Embers Living are ready to help you find the perfect linear fireplace for your home. Head over to to view their vast selection of options, or call them at 805-952-5440 or 303-800-5659 to speak with a professional for more information on their products.

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Where to Buy Linear Fireplaces Online This Winter

If you are looking to keep the freezing temperatures outside this winter, then you would be wise to invest in a linear fireplace. It will provide the instant heat you so desperately want when you come home after a long day, without requiring any major renovations on your home’s current design. You don’t even have to worry about venturing out into the frozen tundra or praying your car engine hasn’t frozen over when you decide to Buy Linear Fireplaces Online.

Not every shopper today is aware of the great benefits a linear fireplace provides, however, or where to look online for a great model at a fair price. By reading this post, you will gain a better understanding of why a linear fireplace is your best bet and where you can easily find the perfect one for your home.

Linear fireplaces are perhaps the most practical way to stay warm on even the coldest of days. They can be either gas or electric powered, and can be easily built into any available wall in your home and are safe with any building material. They also provide certain conveniences that you can’t find when using a traditional firewood fireplace. For one thing, linear fireplaces provide quick, efficient heat that starts up with just the flip of a switch, while traditional options require work to get the wood necessary to work and often take a while before they start to heat up a room. There are also some safety concerns with owning a traditional fireplace that will require constant maintenance and inspection or else can negatively impact a person’s home insurance.

Whether you decide to go with a gas linear fireplace or an electric one, the installation is a breeze. All you will need is an available wall space and a connection to a nearby gas line or electrical outlet. In fact, some people love their simple installation and great heating so much that they buy linear fireplaces for multiple rooms in their house. While this may seem a bit extreme to some, it can actually help homeowners cut down on their central heating costs by allowing them to decide which rooms get heated and when. They also make for great room décor that can liven up any room and create a relaxing atmosphere even during the summer. There are many top-of-the-line brands to choose from, and online retailers like Embers Living often provide a bigger selection and more affordable pricing compared to some physical stores.

Online shopping has become a wildly popular option for many buyers, especially during a busy shopping time like the holiday season. Why risk Jack Frost nipping your nose or having to drive on icy roads when you can stay cuddled up on the couch with your favorite blanket wrapped around you as you peruse the web and the almost infinite amount of options that it places right at your fingertips. Not only do you get to avoid the chaos of people ransacking every shelf in a store for the few remaining items left, or the mind-numbing boredom that comes from standing in long lines – by choosing to buy linear fireplaces online you can determine how fast your shopping experience goes and that it ends when you say it ends.

The professionals at Embers Living have a great selection of linear fireplaces that will look great in any room in your home. If you are looking to buy linear fireplaces online at a more than fair price, then definitely check out their website, or feel free to call them at either 805-952-5440 or 303-800-5659 to learn more about their high-quality products.

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