Are Paid Antivirus Worth It?

Spending money to get the Antivirus is not a waste of money. It is like an investment to protect the information from future Cyber threats. Many Antivirus companies also brought out the Free service for their users. Because of this reason, users get confused that Are Paid Antivirus Worth it? It can be yes because the company which charges against the service is reliable for the security.

Are Paid Antivirus better than Free?

Paid Antivirus can be better than Free. The reason behind it, Free Antivirus software does not provide full security from the Virus. They can help the third party to access your device and earn lots of money from them. But, it is hard for the Malware to enter if you are using the Premium of the Antivirus. Paid VPN contains some important Features and can fully Scan and Kills Malware. That’s why Paid Antivirus Worth it.

What are the Best Antivirus?

What are the Best Antivirus?
What are the Best Antivirus?

We have the 2 best Antivirus software which are competitors of each other. So, choose the best Software after analyzing the Features of Bitdefender vs K7. Prices always depend on the Qualities or Security which you get from the particular company.


Lots of Products of Bitdefender are available and each offers a different discount on each product. Bitdefender Antivirus has various features. Antivirus is necessary to protect the device from Spyware or Ransomware. It also has its Free Version but it has some disadvantages. Free service can only be used for 1 Device and provides fewer features as compared to the paid Antivirus.

  • Scan your device
  • Strong Firewall Protection
  • Kills the Virus
  • Protect multiple devices from the Virus with the same Subscription
  • Provides Parental Control
  • Benefit of using free VPN up to 200MB/Day online protection
  • 24/7 Support and Monitor the device
  • Anti-Phishing Protection


K7 is also a popular Antivirus security company. The best product of K7 is K7 Ultimate Security. So, paying for the Antivirus worth it, if you order the lifetime subscription to K7. Features provided by the K7 company are:

  • Web Protection
  • Internet/Online Security
  • Scan and alert from Malware or other Virus

If you buy the Ultimate Security Product. Then, Parental Control, Data Backup, and other securities are also available.

If people face issues regarding hacking and effects on the performance of the device. Then, they look at the ways of delete PayPal, Paytm, Whatsapp to remove the account permanently. So, Install Antivirus Software instead of facing an issue or Closing all these Platforms. These are the basic Platforms used by millions of people and become to save time.

How Virus can be entered into your device?

A Virus can be entered and affect your information in many ways. It can come with the help of the E-mail which you received. E-mail does not contain Malware but the links which are attached can contain Malware. A virus can also come when you connect the External devices like CD, Pendrive with your Device.

Paid vs Free Antivirus – Which is more suitable?

Paid Antivirus software is safer to use as compared to Free Antivirus. Paid Version of the App provides quality features whether Free Version lacks it. According to me, choose the Paid Antivirus instead of the Free one. Paid Versions can be costly but you can grab the money while analyzing the Features as well as Plans of the Products. Order for the best deal to get the service at a reasonable price.

Does Antivirus Software Protect your device from Virus?

Yes, as the name describe Anti-Virus which means work against the Virus. The work of an Antivirus App is to secure the information from Malware, Spyware, Ransomware, etc. That’s why it’s also called Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Ransomware, etc.

The best Antivirus is one that can fully Scan each device and kills Each type of existing Virus. Antivirus software should not affect the Speed and Performance of the device.

What are the Benefits of using the Antivirus?

  • First, it Scans your information whether it is containing any Virus or not.
  • Secure Device from Malware or other types of Virus
  • Help to Protect from the Hacker or Cyber Threats
  • It can also provide Parental Control on some unwanted sites
  • Have a great opportunity to apply a strong Password
  • Few Antivirus companies like Bitdefender also offer VPN (Virtual Private Network) Software facilities.

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