Apply These Secret Techniques to Improve Academic Poster

Academic posters are mostly use in meeting and conferences arranged within or by the academic community. These posters are useful by manifolds. You can elaborate your topic to be presented more effectively with the help these posters as they serve as visual aid.

The Purpose of Poster

The foremost adage behind making a poster is to get hold of the audiences’ attention. It can be done best by crafting an interesting poster focusing on the central idea of your research/project.  While creating the poster, it is important for students to know about the audience they are targeting. The poster should be as per the educational, geographical, gender, age and socio-economic background of the targeted audience. Also it is vital to consider the prior knowledge the audience has about the topic. The terminology they use in the poster should be comprehendible for the audience. This is important because the moment the audience stop understanding your presentation, the poster would become less impressive or absolutely useless in some cases.

Content of Poster

All the content you use in the poster, be it graphics, pictures, pie charts or tables, it should be relevant to the topic. The web links or other references should be functional and accurate. Try to focus on one aspect of the research topic. In case you cover everything in your topic, it would become harder for you to stay on right track. Make proper planning while designing the poster. How much background of the topic, research, questions and outcomes you need to put on the poster. Add some creativity in design to make the poster more attractive. Poster should be well organized. Mostly posters are A0, A1 or A2 in sizes. Poster should be so clear that the audience grasp the basic idea of topic in a single glance at the poster. The writing on the poster should be so clear and readable that audience can read it from the distance of 1.5 meters. The layout matters a lot. The color scheme you use, the font size and color, line spacing, use of bold, italics and underlined text, everything collectively makes the poster appealing for the audience. An academic poster must have all of the above things to make it presentable.

Properly Organized

The research presented on the poster should be in proper order, so that the audience understands the topic. Students should remember that the starting of the poster or the first three minutes of their interaction with the audience have prime importance. This is the time when either the audience develops interest in listening till the end or he/she finds the research monotonous and moves on. The academic post should be properly organized to achieve maximum success.

Proper Text and Images

Balancing the poster is again very important. The best academic posters are the ones in which pictorial demonstrations and written material is properly balanced across the page.  The pictures used should be relevant and clear. Use of 2D pictures looks more appropriate, as sometimes 3D pictures become confusing and unclear. Use the colors very wisely. Do not go for personal choice; rather evaluate the colors as per the topic and clarity in the academic poster.

A poster can be appealing and meaningful when the above points are followed. This helps to achieve long-term success.