6 Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales with Instagram

6 Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales with Instagram | Online Guider

With millions of active users on Instagram, your business must already be making its presence felt on this platform. But just because you have an Instagram account doesn’t necessarily mean that you are making full use of its potential. As many as 75% of people who use Instagram not only search and shop but also tell people when they see a post they like.

6 Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales with Instagram | Online Guider
6 Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales with Instagram | Online Guider

Though engagement rates do not necessarily guarantee higher conversion rates, there is potential. All you need is the correct approach. Here are some tips for those of you who want to boost your sales on Instagram.

Tip #1- User-Generated Content

It is not easy to come up with content that is visually compelling on your Instagram account. This is especially true if you have been in the game for a while. Coming up with fresh ideas to garner Instagram followers is not easy. However, fear not. There is no dearth of talented shutterbugs on Instagram.

You can start by encouraging your Instagram followers to share their stories and images. This way, you can ensure Instagram engagement without any effort. You can even request your followers to share their photos using your products and services. A custom feature hashtag can be added in your bio to help encourage this.

Tip #2- Contests and discounts

On most social media platforms, contests do really well. The contest may require your Instagram followers to post product shots or selfies. You can make is an event by inviting public votes on the chosen entries.

This will increase your Instagram engagement as your Instagram followers will share it with their friends. Your Instagram engagement will be better if your contest is easy to enter. Most contests that are successful need only a ‘follow’ or a ‘like’ to enter. So keep it simple.

Tip #3- Make your products accessible

Most Instagram marketing agencies will advise you not to sound too ‘salesy’ in your posts. However, there are some industries that are very saturated and are not able to increase sales without a little creativity. So make sure that your every post is engaging and helps to drives customers to complete a CTA (call-to-action)..

Tip #4- The process of buying from your business should be effortless

You may be sharing content that is exemplary on Instagram and you may also be getting good Instagram engagement. While it is commendable that you have your required quota of followers, these don’t necessarily transform into sales.

For that, you need to make it effortless for your followers to purchase your products which Instagram for eCommerce can really help with..

Tip #5- Instagram Takeovers

This is the newest trend to hit marketing on social media. It is a great way to feature advertisements in a unique way. You can partner-up with influential or popular people and let them handle the account for a day.

This is an amazing way by which you can become relevant to your followers and in the process make them aware of your product. By and large, takeovers are done when there is an event that is relevant to the brand to help Instagram growth.

Tip #6- High-quality product photos

Good Instagram management ensures that all e-commerce businesses use high-quality photos. It may take a bit of practice to come up with good quality photos. It is best to brush up on your photography skills. Edit the photos with consistent presets so you can put your best product images on your account for your audience to ‘like.’

If you implement these tips, you will be able to grow your engagements and boost eCommerce sales within your business. This will definitely take your company to the next level.

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