6 Incredible Nutrition Tips For Peak Athletic Performance

Nutritional needs of an athlete are quite different from normal people as they need more energy to perform well on the ground. If you are also an athlete, you must know how much endurance and energy  is required to work with high intensity. Healthy and nutritional foods play a vital role in enhancing the sports performance and promote muscle or bone recovery.

Runners are given heavy training, which increases the risk of developing iron deficiency anemia. The low iron content in the body can hamper the growth of red blood cells as well as the oxygen supply to vital parts of the body. Due to which athletes feel weak & giddy. Anemia can become a snag to their active lifestyle and fitness. That’s why physicians often suggest them to take liquid iron supplements along with iron rich foods.

Nowadays, there is a lot of competition in sports and it is not possible to win the race without having a healthy diet. Here we will throw light on 6 amazing nutrition tips that will help to stay ahead in the competition.

  • Get Enough Crabs

Carbs are the vital source of energy. Our body changes it into the form of glucose and stores it in the muscles. When we run or do heavy work out this glucose releases in the form of energy. If an athlete exercises for one and a half hours, they do not need any extra glucose. However, in case they want to perform more than 90 minutes, it is essential to start consuming carbs around 4 to 5 days before the event. Athletes who do not take the optimal amount of carbohydrates have difficulty performing intense activity for long periods of time. Some good sources of carbohydrates are: fresh fruits and veggies, whole grain cereals, yogurt, and dried fruits.

  • Don’t Be Afraid Of Fats

Fat rich foods are important for athletes to perform well in long events like marathons. Fats are known as basic building blocks of the body; when our carbohydrate’s stores fall down, our body turns to fat for energy. Apart from this, fats also help us to absorb many vitamins, which are essential for growth and development.

But remember, you have to consume only healthy fats i.e. unsaturated fats. Olive oil, chicken skin, dairy products, dried coconut, avocados, fatty fish, etc. are the abundant source of fats and you can include it in your diet plan without any worries.

  • Consume Appropriate Amount Of Protein

Protein is essential for muscle health; it strengthens and repairs the damaged muscles. Not just that, it also helps in storing carbs in muscles in the form of glucose (glycogene). Therefore, athletes should eat enough protein to maintain muscle health and for speedy recovery after injury. Some good sources of protein are lean meat, pollutory products, dairy products, eggs, & fishes. You can also intake whey protein powder to heal a sports injury fast.

  • Eat Iron Rich Food

As mentioned above iron plays a crucial role in boosting the energy levels of the runners. The deficiency of this important mineral can make you feel tired and weak. Hence, endurance athletes should consume iron rich foods on a regular basis. Moreover, blood loss is another major reason for iron deficiency anemia. If you get injured and lose too much blood, you should take liquid iron supplements to increase your iron content.

  • Pay Attention To Lost Electrolytes

It is very common for runners to sweat. However, it can reduce the fluid as well as electrolytes from the body. The electrolyte are the ions which transmit electrical signals throughout the body. It helps in maintaining your muscles and  nervous system health. The low level of electrolyte and fluids in the body can impact the performance of a sports person and can cause serious health issues. Hence, it is better to stay hydrated and intake sports drinks when required.

The Bottom Line -:

Don’t underestimate the power of nutrition as it can elevate your performance at all levels and help become a better athlete.