3 Things to Remember When You Travel to England

As we all know that England is a very popular country in respect of travelling, and people from all around the world would prefer to travel to this place. This country actually has very rich history and deep roots of its culture, and the best thing about it is that there you don’t have to face any type of language barrier. There are lots of different airlines that you can opt for travelling from Manchester to Islamabad, and if you want know any other information about flight, visit PIA head office in UK. Infect here in this article we are discussing about things that you must remember whenever you will be making plans to travel to England:

1. Things To Remember About Money Matters

  • Currency: Most important thing that you should know about England is about its currency, basically British Pound Sterling is used as a national currency.  Other than England you can also use this currency in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.  Next, you should know that the British Pound is much stronger as compared to US Dollar so that’s why you should be very careful while shopping around.
  • Credit Cards: Next thing that you should prefer to know while visiting England from USA especially is that your US credit card will not work in this country. Actually, in most parts of Europe and England people prefer to use credit cards with chip and pin or even along with chips and the signature and consider it as its added security.  Basically, these types of credit cards use to have a special digital chip that is inserted in it and that would be read by chip readers, after that you have to simply add your pin or even sign your transaction receipt to pay your bills.

2. Things To Know About Using Cell Phone in England

The next thing that you should remember while travelling England is not to use your smart phone without getting instructions from your service provider and ask them to give you global services, along with cut-rate texting or calling packages, otherwise you will find out that you have got too high bills.  That’s why it is much better that you get the roaming sim while travelling in this country that will make your trip more affordable. But if you have decided to make it much more reasonable than you can simply rely on internet packages simply by turning on your Wi-Fi and talking with your friends and family via Facetime or WhatsApp.

3. Things To Remember While Travelling Within England

Another thing that you should prefer to know about England is its modes of transportation that you can use during your stay. Actually, most people prefer to travel through public transportation in England just like train, taxi, bus, and ferry. Keep in mind that automobiles will be very much expensive for you to rent, because gas prices in this country are very high. Other than that obviously driving a vehicle in new country might be confusing as there you have to drive on the opposite side of the car and even off the road.  That’s why it is better if you opt for public transport.