Month: May 2021

Technology's Impact on Our Homes and Lives

Technology’s Impact on Our Homes and Lives

Since the first weapons were made from raw materials and the ability to manufacture fire was perfected, the unstoppable march of technology has had an undeniable impact on human culture and society. We are surrounded by technological innovation. From your automobile and the gadget you’re reading this on to your television, jet planes, and beyond,…

What are the Benefits of e-Commerce to Your Business

What are the Benefits of e-Commerce to Your Business?

What is e-commerce? An E-commerce business can be characterised as the purchasing and selling of products electronically on the web. It’s mainstream due to the many advantages of e-business – web marketing, electronic funds transfer, mobile trade – this is separated into two sections. Online retail shopping goes straightforwardly to customers through mobile applications, websites,…

Agile Development and Offshoring_A Guide on How it Works

Agile Development and Offshoring: A Guide on How it Works

Quick Summary: Successful agile projects are dependent on active collaboration between teams and given the sheer amount of coordination involved in every project, you may think that contacting an offshore development company and developing a cross-continent agile development team just wouldn’t work. Here we’re going to guide how agile offshore development works for your business….

Top online social commerce trends

Top Online Social Commerce Trends in 2021

Trend 1. Growth of e-commerce in social networks Firstly, in May 2020, the possibilities of creating online storefronts inside the Facebook and Instagram networks using the Facebook Shops tool were presented. The advantages are obvious: now you can create an online store within the network and communicate with customers directly without any special conditions and…

Top online jobs 2021_freepik

Top Online Jobs 2021

Teleworking from home has many benefits, such as flexible scheduling and endless opportunities to learn new things. It’s also beneficial because you don’t have to spend money on commuting. But there are drawbacks such as misunderstandings, distraction and inability to concentrate, feelings of isolation, and loss of motivation. You also need to be very careful…

Information about Passport in India

Information about Passport in India

The Indian Passport is issued for the Indian citizens from the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, via a system of 37 passport offices throughout the nation and the 180 Indian embassies and consulates located abroad. The record serves as an important travel record for people who travel abroad for education, tourism, pilgrimage, medical…