Choosing the Right London Basement Company for Your Conversion

Choosing the Right London Basement Company for Your Conversion - Online Guider
Choosing the Right London Basement Company for Your Conversion - Online Guider

Recommendations and references

With any building project, recommendations from friends, family or colleagues are your first port of call. In this way, you can inspect the quality of workmanship first-hand and get a clear picture of what could be involved in your own basement conversion.

If you are asking companies to tender for the job, always ask for references and contact details for past jobs; if they are not happy to provide this information, think again. You should be able to obtain feedback from previous clients; alternatively, the company should be happy to display photos and feedback on its website.

Finally, run a background check including a Companies House check. This is critical if you do not have a referral or are using a basement company that you do not have direct experience of working with.

Check the portfolio

Establishing the credibility of your chosen basement company is paramount, so look for online ratings and reviews. Checking a company’s portfolio of work should give you an insight into its professional experience and the type of work it has effectively completed.

You need to know that the company you choose to manage the work is experienced in dealing with the issues that basement conversions throw up and is capable of troubleshooting these quickly and effectively.

You should also be able to establish that the tools, methods and technologies it uses are consistent with the type of conversion you require. A company that is experienced enough to know exactly what it is dealing with might not present the cheapest quote; however, its professionalism is likely to save you money in the long run.

Minimising disruption

Once you have made your choice and the work is underway, you will need your London basement company to effectively manage the disruption that is an inevitable part of any basement conversion. A professional company can make the difference between a smooth and hassle-free construction period and the building site from hell.

A good basement company will manage all aspects of the build, from the expectations and concerns of the neighbours to operating a clean and tidy site. Look for a company that is prepared to go the extra mile to accommodate the needs of your neighbours and undertake to keep the site well managed.

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Your chosen company should also have good noise management procedures in place to minimise disruption to your neighbour’s routine. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the way the construction site will be managed, where vehicles will be parked and so on. Ask your neighbours to voice their concerns as part of your initial meetings and put these to your basement conversion company.

Focus on quality

When choosing a company to carry out a potentially disruptive but hugely transformative project such as a basement conversion, quality is critical. Let the finish and craftsmanship be the primary driver rather than simply opting for the cheapest quote; in this way, the company you choose will deliver the best return on your investment and a fabulous new living space.

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