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manjarabad fort sakaleshpur

Manjarabad Fort Sakleshpur Tourist Place in Hassan

Welcome to Manjarabad Fort, Sakaleshpur. Just a few KMs away from Sakleshpur taluk center in Hassan district. The fort is built on a hilltop on the Bangalore-Mangalore National Highway. Read the below article of Manjarabad fort Sakaleshpur history. The fort is at an elevation of 988 m above sea level. The...


Patient Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Networks

In a doctor’s facility medicinal services observing framework it is important to continually screen the patient’s physiological parameters. For instance a pregnant lady parameters, for example, circulatory strain (BP) and heart rate of the lady and heart rate and developments of fetal to control their well-being condition. We display an...

Best Outdoor Adventure Activities in Nepal Tourist Place

Best Outdoor Adventure Activities in Nepal

Land-bolted between the sizeable nations of India and China, Nepal is frequently barely noticeable. Surprisingly, what it needs in the estimate, it compensates for it in adventures! Known for its stunning mountainous regions and one of a kind trekking trails, Nepal offers this and more with its jungle scenes, medieval...